Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ron Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll.

WTF is going on at CPAC? The candidate of choice for 9-11 truthers and the blame America first crowd wins the CPAC straw poll? YAY!


  1. Wow, talk about a zombie mentality. Coming from a blog that does a pretty good job of thwarting the mass media you really dropped the ball on this one. I guess it's OK to question the BS and lies until it's someone you don't like then you buy in completely.

    Look at some of the other hopefuls, Mitt Romney (father of Obamacare), Donald Trump (publicly supports Obamas business takeover and stimulus programs), yayyy big government.

  2. So much for CPAC.
    Didn't they do this before?

  3. Ron Paul's one of the few Republicans who votes against anything bill that's unconstitutional in a black and white manner.

    Have you actually looked at his record?

    As for "blaming" America, I think Ron Paul's point is that our treasury has given money to dictators in the Middle East to keep sanity, but then these dictators dont work out, our treasury supports the efforts to over through that regime. Americans didn't make these decisions and neither did the troops. Ron Paul is not against national defense. I think Ron Paul thinks there needs to be a more thoughtful look at how having 130 bases in 70 countries is costly and using tax payer dollars to support various interests in the Middle East can affect how the world views "America."

    I don't think that's blasphemous as much as it is looking for what's at really at play in Middle East. There is "blow back" or unintended consequences to must everything countries do or not do.

  4. Sounds like everyone needs to research these potential 2012 canidates and there records a little better, myself included.

  5. Talk about exaggeration. How do you feel as a tax payer knowing that you have personally funded Mubarak's 70 billion dollar swiss bank account? How about all the money and weapons we gave Ossama Bin Laden when he was fighting the Russians? How about all the money we gave Hussein? That's your money.

  6. I’m not a Paul disciple, but he's the only true conservative in the hunt. I’ll vote third party before I’ll vote for another neocon. What’s with that picture? It’s hilarious!

  7. I like Ron Paul and he has my vote. Atleast America knows where we stand with him. Romney is a liar, can't even tell the truth on issues like abortion, and he has also attended a Bilderberg conference, a violation of the RICO act in my opinion.


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