Monday, September 14, 2009

The "Quincy 3" = LIARS, COMMUNISTS.

I was honored to be contacted by Roger Stone today. He read my post about the 3 protesters who showed up to the Quincy Tea Party. After reading my account of what happened he thought it was pretty odd that their account was so different.
Remember, I made an effort to make these guys feel welcome. Because of how I was treated at the PrObamaCare Rally I wanted to treat these guys with respect. I know what it's like to be harassed because you don't agree with those around you. I heard others tell them they were welcome there too.

So lets see what their side of the story is. This message was sent to Roger Stone's Email box at his website Stone Zone:

We are the Quincy 3- the counter-demonstrators who execised our right to attend the so-called Quincy Tea Party in Washington park and sought to disrupt the speak of Republican Dirty Trickster Roger Stone.

We informed and Quincy Tea Party organizers we would confront STONE who stole the election from Al Gore in Florida in 2000.

We yelled “Republican Lies” and were jostled and spit at after being quickly surrounded until Quincy police officers told us it would be safer if we left and event security for the suggested we leave.

Quincy police and event security people were polite and friendly although many in crowd were menacing so we took our leave. We were called communist when only one of us is an avowed Marxist while the other two of us are military veterans who saw combat and saw our countrymen die in a senseless war over OIL !

Bush destroyed the American Economy and showed the basic corruption of the Capitalist system. Obama understands the need for redistribution of the wealth thru higher taxes on the rich and government run healthy care option for the poor and the underclasses.

We made our statement. The collection of birthers,gun-nuts,minute-men,militias,birchers,Ron Paulites,gathered in Washington Park scared the hell out of us…and should scare America.

They spell just as bad in email as they do on their protest signs.
These 3 extremists were looking to provoke a fight, and it didn't happen. So they slunk away like cowards. No one spit on them, no one "jostled" them.(a Marine worried about being "jostled")

Also I was standing RIGHT THERE when they left, they spoke to NO police or authorities of any kind. They walked away with a guy with a camera and a tripod, presumably to be interviewed.

I remember this clearly because Dana Loesch came up to me and suggested we go make funny faces behind them while they were being interviewed. She's a bad influence on me. lol. I never saw them again after that. They could've spoken to authorities after that, but the rest of their story was BS why should we buy that part?

Imagine, complaining about being called a communist while standing next to a guy with a hammer and sickle shirt and another dude with a "smash catipOlism" sign. Smells like commies to me. And if not, "Smash CapitOlism" is favor of what? The Indian Caste System? Give Me A Break.

THE "QUINCY 3" ARE LYING COMMUNISTS. (that's redundant isn't it?)


  1. Wow dude that is an honor...I met him when I was the 72-hour coordinator for the RNC is Palm Beach County in 2004

  2. "The Quincy 3"? Seriously, they call themselves the Quincy 3? Jostled and spit at? Quickly surrounded by many in the menacing crowd? Told by police that they would be safer if they left? The people in Washington Park “scared the hell” out of them?

    And two of them say they're military vets who saw combat? Who do they think they're kidding?

    Hey Sharp, I took about 5 minutes of video of these guys standing there with their signs during the Roger Stone speech. Frankly, I thought they looked uncomfortable and maybe even a little embarrassed, since NO ONE was paying any attention to them.

    Do I even need to say it--these guys are buffoons.

  3. Wow, way to make fun of two army veterans who disagree with you. You are a really honorable guy!

  4. Calling for the 'redistribution of wealth' scares the hell out of me. Who gets to define 'wealthy'? Who gets to decide that I didn't earn my wealth?

    Guys, Cuba is only a short boat ride away. If you feel our system isn't fitting with your beliefs, perhaps you can give that country a shot. Just beware, you might have to look out for the flotilla of Cubans trying to join us here in the United States of America.

  5. "Wow, way to make fun of two army veterans who disagree with you. You are a really honorable guy!"

    This is just funny to me. Some guy is defending a few guys who claim (without proof or evidence by their actions) to be army veterans? The boy holding up the fascist sign couldn't even explain to one lady what a fascist is.
    I stood about 15 feet away from these boys the entire time they were there. They got a few boo's and a couple of guys who came up and held up signs and flags around them, then moved away from them. Everyone, except those with cameras, walked away and ignored them after the gentleman on stage WELCOMED them and their viewpoint to join us. I also remember a lady from Fair Tax (t-shirt) came right up to them and told them they were welcome to be there and their viewpoint will be respected. Not one cop came anywhere near them at any time. One man, looked like a biker, came up and talked to them when the man on stage was finished. The boys folded up their signs and moved on.
    Bad news for them... there were 2,000 witnesses and hundreds of cameras who saw the way it really was.
    The commenter trying to defend them looks uninformed and foolish basing his sarcastic insult on lies. And an even poorer attempt at lies by these kids. Their statement, just by their presence, would have been more powerful if they'd have been silent afterward.
    I laff

    Here ya go:
    Cheap flights to Cuba.

  6. Sally, thanks for your comment. First of all, you admit that there were only 2,000 people at the rally, which is what everyone else including the media said. SharpElbows, of course, reported that it was 12,000 people, so thanks for exposing Adam Sharp as a liar.

    Second, nothing you said in any way responds to my point. Adam said that he thought that they were veterans, so he clearly was willing to make fun of veterans whether you personally believe that they really were veterans or not. And even if people were nice to them at the rally (which is not what they reported), Adam Sharp still went out of his way to attack them afterward.

    Adam is a bully who goes out of this way to attack veterans who haven't done anything but express their opinion, and it's sad that you try to defend that.

  7. 2,000 was an approximate figure for those who were actually sitting anywhere where these three could have been seen. The park count was something like 3,000 with approximately 12,000 coming and going throughout the day.
    You don't need to get snippy about the figures.
    I guess I did missed your. It was covered too deep in the sarcasm. I don't understand your defense of anything you weren't a part of.
    Adam didn't go out of his way to do anything except report what he and atleast 2,000 other people witnessed.
    If you're going to have such strong opinions and criticism you should actually attend the events. These boys lied.
    Bully? You need to look up the definition because you pouncing on this blogger is an example of exactly that.
    How old are you? Your immaturity is showing.

    Would you like the last word?

  8. OK, Sally, I will take the last word, because you were incapable of understanding any of the previous words. Even if Adam Sharp was polite at the event (which I doubt), he still immediately rushed home and posted pictures about the veterans calling them liars and cowards, and saying that they were looking for a fight. In other words, Adam Sharp behaved in the most dishonorable way possible. He didn't have the guts to say anything in person, and then rushes home and posts insults from the safety of his keyboard. It's such a shame that you're willing to endorse him insulting people who risked their lives for this country simply because you don't agree with their political views.

  9. Hey Push Back. My post calling these guy liars came only AFTER I read their "manifesto" In which THEY LIED. Therefore THEY ARE LIARS. Their Military Service, which I respect more than you will ever understand, Does not buy them a free pass for being commies and liars. Nice try. Go back and put on some patchouli oil and pack your bong.

  10. Right, and since you were at home typing the word communist in ALL CAPS while they were away from their friends and family risking their lives for this country, you just had no choice but to call them "cowards," now didn't you? In fact, you said they were both "looking for a fight" and "cowards" at the same time. Please continue your honorable work attacking veterans who disagree with you. Those servicemen with liberal viewpoints are such a threat to our liberty!


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