Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Local Reporter Physically Intimidates Those Who Question Him.

HCAN held an Anti-Private Insurance Rally today in front of the Blue Cross building in downtown St. Louis. Myself and another local TEA Party videographer went by to check it out.

When we got there the rally quickly became secondary. I spotted local TEA Party hating "Reporter" Charles Jaco. Jaco is know for constantly using the term "teabagger" and for his all around hatred of all things TEA Party. However, he is best known for his stellar "coverage" of the gulf war for CNN in the 90's. Clips of that "coverage" can be seen at the bottom of this post. It's worth watching if you haven't seen it.

I decided this was my golden opportunity to enlighten Mr. Jaco about the term "teabagger". This aggravates him to the point that he bumped into me with his chest(fairly hard too) in an attempt to physically intimidate me.
Nice try. They can beat me worse than they beat Ken Gladney. They picked the wrong guy. I will not be intimidated and I will NEVER quit.

Flashback: Not the first time I have called out local media for "Teabagger" attacks.

Does KTVI Fox 2 in St. Louis find this behavior acceptable?


  1. He thinks your an ant. He's so full of him self that your obviously an idiot. When you hit him with the gas mask crack he almost lost it. And Im sitting here laughing my ass off. Comedy Gold Adam Excellent job. Spike

  2. Great job, Adam.
    Jaco wasn't fooling anybody playing dumb on "teabagging." He's a real jerk.
    Jim Hoft

  3. The "wow, I had no idea what that phrase meant!" gag is so played out. It's kind of silly how little thinking he thought he was going to have to do during this confrontation.


    Join the cause. Boycott Fox 2 KTVI news until Jaco is GONE.

  5. Keep up the great work and excellent reporting!

    Common Cents

  6. what am I doing wrong? the video screens are blamk with a little icon in upper left corner. I can't view them. Help.... I'm computer stupid
    David McArthur

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  8. Sorry but...

    you were acting like a fucking asshole. You were antagonizing the reporter. I would have kicked you square in the fucking balls and called the police.

    Funny how Conservatives can act like idiots and when they get "bumped" they play the victim card.

    Grow up and stop acting like a liberal.


  9. This moron claims to be a reporter and he hasn't heard anything about the derisive nature of the term? And this moron claims to be intelligent and yet repeatedly uses a term of which he admits he doesn't know the meaning?

  10. Jaco is obviously gay and certainly very familiar participant with the practice of Tea Bagging. His continued use of the pejorative "tea bagger" discredits his standing as an unbiased professional journalist.


    Help this cause get more members than the Goat has fans!!! Let's get RID of Jaco once and for all!

  12. Passive aggressive and sarcastic. It's a coward who can't say, "yeah I know what it means and I'm going to keep saying it because I know it makes you teabaggers angry when I do."

    Excellent job exposing him as a coward and a bully. I don't know for sure, but his demeanor says to me he knows all about teabagging.

    As to Patrick, your comment is ridiculous. Reporters are antagonistic all the time. Are they so fragile that they can dish it out, but cannot take it?

  13. Hey great job! At first I thought Jaco was lying when he answered all your questions with questions. Then when he denied knowing what "teabagger" really means I thought "you lying sack of s---. But lo and behold after you invited him to bump you again... the truth was revealed. Of course he doesn't know what teabagging is. In order to participate in the act at least on party has to have a "set" Jaco has none.

  14. @Patrick - Let's see... if you're antagonized, you'll kick someone square in the balls and call the police... and it's Adam who cries victim? Isn't it a victim who calls the police?

    Is that you, Dr. Amy "booster seat" Bishop?

  15. So if you mention the word "socialism," you're a right-wing extremist; but if you try to impose it, you're a moderate centrist.
    Did I get that right?

  16. Not quite so articulate when you get him away from behind the microphone and pull his finger off the caller "dump" button, is he?

    But dude. Really. Jaco is SUCH a douche, you didn't have to antagonize him to get your story. You had him exposed at the jump. When you kept at it and needled him to up-the-conflict-quotient of the interview you gave back the high ground.

  17. The guy is a douche... claiming NOT to know what "tea bagger" is... he knows damn good and well what it means... it is US who are the Tea Partiers and THEY who are the teabaggers.

  18. Great work.

    I did a story on your video today:

    Nathan R. Jessup

  19. I am 43 years old, known Jaco was a stooge all along, knew something was up with his CNN days but NEVER saw the fake footage. How can ANYONE in their RIGHT mind listen to this guy who continues to spread LIE after LIE after LIE? I guess mama was right, "Stupid is as Stupid does."

    Kurt Ramspott

  20. Ironic that this real teabagger works for Fox. I wonder if his boyfriend knows the term. Lars

  21. Jaco appears to be a pillow-biting teabaggee. I'm sure he won't mind being characterized as such, since I'm not entirely sure what the terms mean.

    And Patrick is Jaco's wussy butt boy.

  22. I've never visited your site before and this isn't about the Charles Jaco report, but I laughed my ass off when I saw your pic of Obama bowing to the Burger King. Way cool.

  23. Pretty nasty to corner the guy and add the gas mask and rocket fume remarks. The guy was treated like a sub-human. Hey, I am conservative, but this video reminds me of how the left acts.

  24. NICE! Sharp Elbows, you're doing it right. Keep your cool, edit it the way you want, and put it out for all to see. This is seriously good stuff.

  25. What a pussy. He pushed me!!! Waaaahhh

  26. Good on you for showing up Jaco as a douchebag but you would have been a bit classier if you had resisted the urge to make the rocket fume comments. That sort of thing is the difference between a professional and a talented amature.

    By the way I really like the photoshop of Obama bowing to the Burger King.

  27. Barry Bowing To BurgerKing was made by the
    I Cant take credit for that one!

  28. that was awesome, I like to live vicariously thru aggressive folks like you b/c I am too daggum nonconfrontational by nature

  29. Yakknow, the more I think about it, the more I'm confused. I can't wrap my brain around why homosexuals like Charles Jaco and Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow would use "teabag" as a pejorative.

    This implies that a gay sex act is a deviant sex act.

    From them? Really?

    That's the same as a gay guy calling some other non-gay goofball a "fag."

    It doesn't make any sense.

  30. Jaco bumped into you, WOW. You are so brave, a real hero. You should take this video down it makes you look like an idiot.

  31. Hi there,

    I love this, but the camerawork was too close, it went a bit too long and you shouldn't have worried about him bumping into you that much.

    A clue for this kind of thing is to stay in control by phrasing everything you say as a question.

    I'm Australian, but I don't think your problem in the US is as much the politicians but the unaccountability of your media. (we have the same problem)

    Your best chance for taking back your country is to ACTIVELY undermine the credibility of old media to the point where people won't take it seriously anymore. This kind of thing has to happen more but stay the high road so you don't give them any chance to cut you down.

  32. You are fearless Adam Sharp. You let the world see just what Charles Jaco is made of: jello. The world needs you Mr. Sharp, now more than ever. You are-THE MAN.

  33. Man you are stupid, Adam Sharp. So very, very, very stupid.

    Even an idiot can see that you pushed the camera into him.

    On top of that, I think you have underestimated me.

    At the end of the video, when I said that we would show up with signs, you failed to include the part where I said that we would be coming after your buddies at Fixxed Noise and at the local Fixxed Noise Radio station where your buddies work at.

    Of course, you're probably on the phone right now calling the police saying that some guy on the Internet threatening you.

    But you love to twist words. You'll twist them like a wet noodle.

    So here's what's going to happen. Since the SEIU found out you were wearing an SEIU jacket (which frankly you have supported them buy buying this jacket with their logo...SURPRISE!), there going to keep their eyes pealed looking for you.

    Of course, when you call them union thugs and send your nancy boys (or people like your 98 pound Steve Urkel) to pick on big burly union members only to fall on their ass like last time, your going to be pissed off that they won't so much as touch you.

    You, in your futile attempt to distort information and present falsehoods as facts will be exposed for the obvious trolls that you are.

    Mark my words: By 2012, Teabaggers won't even be able to run for dog catcher, the Republican party will come back to its senses and reject any assimilation by the Tea Party, and Obama will win a second term.

    Remember kids, drinking too much TEA can give you kidney stones.

    But don't worry. By the end of the year, you'll be able to go to the hospital and afford to get them broken up. You can thank me later.

    --The Man in Black

  34. It's time for a boycott of KTVI advertisers until Jaco is Gone. Then we boycott KTRS advertisers.

  35. Adam, I cannot believe you were able to keep your cool during that encounter with Jaco. You were calm and brilliant, whereas he was strange-as-hell and trying desperately to hide how flustered he was. I haven't heard anything about him since his Gulf War days, and I was shocked to see what he's turned in to. Good job, Adam...but be careful. The guy is obviously an intensely angry whackjob.

  36. Hey MAN IN BLACK! You a big tough guy thug making threats? Let me tell you something bad ass. It's uneducated trogs like you that a once proud union has the rep they have. It's comments and threats like you are making that drag the Union cause down. This isn't 1960 Barney. You are the blackeye on the Union.

    Say, are you one of the Union members making the same pay as your buddy that actually works his ass off? What a bad ass you are making threats to young kid. Go back to your double wide and shut the f**k up and quit shaming the union.


  37. no one is anon on the net and threats and ppl who make them will
    be reported to authorities.

    the REAL man in black

  38. I listen to Jaco most everyday. I enjoy hearing both sides of an argument so that I can be well informed and I often find humor in the stupidity that comes from him and his callers . I have even called in a couple of times. Each time I have been cut off while making a point. I have never been rude or spoken out of turn, however, he cuts the sound when he is not going to be able to make his point. The only reason I called is because I assumed this is what he was doing to callers and I wanted to know for myself. He is the perfect example of some knowledge, mixed with an agenda and no common sense or intergrity. I don't believe in boycotting. I think people who disagree should call in and embarrass him with the truth. I think the market place he hates so much will remove him from the air. I would never buy advertising for my business on such a program. I have yet to hear him willing to debate anyone that disagrees with him. I usually turn off the radio feeling better about my opinions.

  39. Jaco's an ass, but so are you.

    Your video is a setup, and it reeks of lefty tactics.

    Maybe you should refer people to some of the sites where there is alternate footage from different angles that was documented by other people. They filmed YOU, filming Jaco.

    You're not a hero for behaving like a lefty--and if you filed a complaint against Jaco, that's worse, because now you're someone who can dish it out, but can't take it.

    Man UP goofus.

  40. actually use a Rage song? Zach would be so disappointed. Seriously though Adam, you're an ass. : )

  41. Are you alluding to Gladney in your question of Jaco?

    You were talking about the same guy who was up and about looking for cameras after what did appear to be a fight, right?

    And this is the same Gladney who at first said he didn't heave health insurance, but it was later determined that he was covered through is wife's health plan, right? Did he ever return those donations that were made for his treatment?

    You probably shouldn't hold up apparent fraudsters as victims.

  42. ummmm...the first time I heard the term "tea-bagger" it was used by a "tea-partier," or whatever the hell you want to be called. In fact, I think the "Tea-party, brought to you by Fox News" ran with that name until someone with brains pointed them to the wiki page you so often referred to in your antagonization of Jaco. Your short lived political "movement" made the bed, so deal with sleeping in it. Although, the liberal in me hopes you keep it up. I can think of no better way to cripple the Republican Party than for a splinter movement to convince them that the "Quitta from Wassila" should be their choice for president. Maybe you've heard her speak...although I doubt you many of you could afford the price of admission. Keep up the fine work!

  43. This is a note that I sent to Tim Dorsey, General Manager at KTRS (Jaco's employer). I'll post his response IF I get one:

    Dear Mr. Dorsey,

    Just read about the story about Charles Jaco in the Post-Dispatch and watched the video from the Riverfront Times. KTRS is a favorite pre-set on my radio, but I too am getting a bit tired of being referred to as a "teabagger" by Charles Jaco. I realize he's ultra liberal, obviously still has a deep dislike for former President Bush, but is his constant use of that derogatory word really necessary to keep his "ratings"?

    Since he now "knows" what it means, is he going to continue to use that phrase?

    I really do enjoy the other programming on your station, and actually DO listen to Jaco on occasion. I also realize he IS trying to shake folks up a bit, but enough is enough.

    Simply for my views, I'm subjected this? I guess not. As I tell my non-smoking friends, if you don't like a restaurant that allows smoking, just vote with your feet and go somewhere else. Dave Glover has a pretty good show on 97.1, and FoxSports Midwest carries a ton of the Cardinals games.


  44. Got a quick, but short reply from Tim Dorsey at KTRS:

    Thanks for your message. I will share your thoughts with Charles and our program department.

  45. Wow you teabaggers are reaching. Pansy teabaggers.

  46. YOU ARE A TEABAGGER you are also an Idiot....Just like Sara Palin....Dumb Ass

  47. You are a drain on our tax money. Way to report that to the police your little ninny. You must be really hurt*

    Get a life man.

  48. Wow, I'm glad to see we have uneducated idiots like you. Way to act like a cry baby when your sole intention was to be an asshole. Smile and be happy you didn't get your ass kicked.

  49. So let me get this straight. You show up with a $70 camera with the explcit intent of badgering a reporter into a confrontation, record it, and somehow you are full of win? This is why no one take tea party people seriously. Wake up. You called Jaco a pseudo-journalist? You manufactured this entire thing, with the goal of misleading people. Journalists report the facts, they don't make the news themselves. Also, you don't like the term teabagger applied to the tea party? You used the term yourself. I can't believe you posted this. This video just makes plain the fact you have no idea what you are doing. You fail.

  50. The term teabagger was originally coined by the tea party. Eventually, after much derisive laughter from those who knew, the tea party has tried to distance itself from the teabagger term. I agree that Jaco was being less than honest, but the dude with the camera acted like a spoiled baby. Lighten up, son. Your cause, right or wrong, will endure on it's merits, or crash on its lack there of, not because of it's name.

  51. Dude, you are such a baby.

  52. You came off like kind of a passive aggressive pussy in that video. Nice try, though.

  53. You should have called Jaco: Charlie Jackoff. Wonder if he knows what that means.

  54. I called McCaskill's office yesterday and said I would like to leave a statement for Mrs. McCaskill. I told the staffer please tell Mrs. McCaskill as a free American under the Constitution and a Missourian, I am opting out of the health care mess. The staffer advised me there was nothing their office could do because it is now the law of the land and I would have to call the IRS and tell them I am opting out. I then reiterated please tell Mrs. McCaskill I am opting out. Again the staffer referred me to the IRS. Being persistent as I am, I again said please tell Claire I am opting out because she helped pass this bill and I am her constituent and she is my Senator. He replied he would however their office could do nothing to help me and I need to call the IRS.

    This is so bizarre. People now have to call the IRS! The IRS!

    Now instead of taking 2 aspirins and calling the doctor I guess we have to take 2 aspirins and call the IRS.

  55. Jaco shows up to a rally to tell America why we should be forced to pay for his health care ... and he promptly shoves a cigarette in his mouth?


  56. Be nice? Practice what you preach.


Be Nice!