Sunday, February 21, 2010

More "Teabagger" Attacks and Tax Propaganda From Bill Maher

Maher is pretty good at spreading Barry's propaganda. But if you take a closer look at that "taxcut for 95% of Americans" it's not a tax cut at all.
Those 95% of people who's taxes went down saw an average of $20 extra dollars per week in their paycheck. (I'm thinking about starting a business with my xtra $20)

Mean while taxes went up for those Americans who make over $250 Thousand per year, that tax hike hits THOUSANDS of small businesses. Small businesses that are already struggling just got screwed even worse by Barry's tax policy. That should get the economy rolling again.


  1. Great how you like to ignore facts. How in the world is this propaganda? It’s fact. The tea bagger is an uninformed person who plain and simply hates people that are different (black, Muslim). The wealthy in this country have somehow convinced others it is best for them to have more money. (Reagan convinced Americans this. How come there are no signs at tea party rallies displaying Reagan’s stance on enhanced interrogation?) Look to a country like Germany where people pay much more in tax (income over E250,401 is taxed at 45%). Why is it that small business thrives there? I mean real small business. In downtown Mannheim (city w/ comparable citywide and metropol population to st. louis) there are 3 stationary stores within 1/4 mile of each other. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a stationary store in the US. I always went to Walmart to get my stationary stateside. Overall a larger percent of Germans are employed by small business than Americans. This is one of those examples where you have neither knowledge nor mileage. You’re not alone though, don’t feel bad. The fact is the Obama stimulus was more than 30% tax cuts. Nobody knows this for some reason. Only 2% of tea baggers are aware of what has happened to taxes over the past year. I’m willing to be that you are part of that 95% who have gotten a tax break. But you know who isn’t part of that right? The opportunists that created and rally you tea bagging sycophants. The origin of the tea baggers is pretty simple to trace. Unethical people knew it would be easy to rally people against a black president. When you can rally people you can suck money out of the group. One way, just charge them. Kinda like what you saw at the little meeting where that cunt Palin spoke. But they are going to make the real money when they deliver votes and campaign donations to “conservative” and probably even tea party candidates. It’s clear how cunts like Dana Loesch and Palin are trying to milk it. I’m afraid you are trying to hop on to that same bandwagon. How in the world are you going to continue your rally cry of Socialism when no such thing is happening? Your best bet is to expose Obama for what he really is, in the back pocket of big business. Don’t forget though, letting facts get in the way will only hamper your movement.

  2. Hey JB I know youre in AFG. I hope your are staying safe. Are you still a deployed American soldier? Just wondering because of the network you log on from.I was thinkning maybe your were working in the private sector now. Anyway dude you've got some long, strong opinions. No joke you should start a blog. a liberal blog from a deployed soldier in AFG could be successful. And alot more people may see it than just my piddly 200 hits a day.

  3. 20 bucks a week is a lot to me. I won't cry for the folks making over 250 thou.
    And did you really show up at a memorial service to spout political stuff (or in all fairness, is the event being called a memorial service when it wasn't?) But if it was a memorial, that is really low-class.

  4. If you're going to be offended by the term "teabagger", maybe a good start would be to stop using the term yourself LOL.

  5. I would like to bring the point that I have never had a good job from anyone who made over 250K/year. My most satisfactory (financially and personally) positions have always been with small-business owners making a lower 6 figure income. These are the true entrepreneurs. The elite who run the fortune 500 companies don't take risks...they are born and bred into their privileged positions, they are not involved, THEY don't pay the taxes that the real small business owner does. Obama's plan to repeal the tax cuts hits only those that are uber-rich. The ones that didn't work to earn their way, the ones that export jobs, the CEOs and CFOs of the largest corporate monopolies that exist. I have never had a good job with them.


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