Sunday, February 13, 2011

America is Going Ape Sh*t For Electric Cars!

Say good bye to your internal combustion engine. With a grand total of 321 Chevy Volts sold in January There will soon be no need for your gas powered vehicle!
At this staggering rate it will only take 1298 years to reach Obama's goal of 5 million electric cars on the road.

What now all you nay sayers?

Way to go Barry!


  1. 1298 years (passing this on from tea party patriots ;)


  2. Screw the guvment motors car, Tesla makes a sweet electric car. Amazing how innovative non-government run companies are.

  3. thanx HC. I forgot a zero in my initial math. lets be honest I shouldn't be doing math

  4. Those who bought those little plug runners must have been inspired by this:

  5. I love cars you can plug in!
    One of my favorite cars to drive ever was my plug in racer, I tore across the sidewalks in that thing... course Mom & Dad wouldn't let me on the street with it... really ticked me off at the time.

    I understand why now. Pretty much the same feelings I have about the Volt. My kids are too big for one now, but maybe when grand kids come along... but no going on the street with it.


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