Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Planned Pimphood Tape!

Meanwhile Planned Parenthood exec says the videos are "Doctored" before he admits he hasn't seen them!


  1. Right, so Planned Parenthood is all about a woman's right to choose...er, unless she's been dragged here from a foreign land for the purposes of sexual slavery, in which case, talk to the pimp. I don't know which kind of evil is worse, the pimp, who's evil is fairly straightforward or the Planned Parenthood people who are complicit with crime while disguise as care providers.

  2. I think its strange to be pro liberty small government yada yada and want the government to watch every pregnancy. Its pretty intrusive dont ya think? Lets not even start about the death penalty. The government has the power to take your life. Sounds like a pretty powerful big government power to me.

  3. @Anonymous
    What you are saying is that, in your opinion, Government should not punish those who take a human life. That is what you are saying. I don't think anyone could agree with that.

  4. actually no i'm not saying that, i'm actually pro death penalty, as well as pro choice. What i'm saying is that if you are indeed saying that you in fact do want smaller less intrusive government and you do fear a tyrannical government I would think you would agree that you wouldnt want the government to be able to make the final call on who gets to live and who gets to die. I myself dont fear a big government and think our judicial branch works as well as it possibly could under the circumstances.


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