Sunday, May 2, 2010

CNN Rips Barry For NOT ENFORCING Current Imigration Law.


  1. I presume there will be a public hanging tomorrow.

  2. Thanks so much for this as I would never watch CNN and had no idea that there would be someone there that cares about our law at all!

  3. He has spoken out before.
    It is good to see.

  4. I wonder how long it will be before the pink slip arrives in this guys pay envelope.

  5. If I get elected to US Congress,I would introduce a Legis.for people who give them work an homes would go to jail.
    Has nothing to do with being compashionate,because I am,but we have to be that way with americans first.The ones that work here & their Employers do not pay taxes either,They send their money and made them selves Villas & Manssions in their Country too,how come no one say anything about that??
    700 thousend Iligales are curentelly in jail in US.& so many billions of our tax dollars are going for that & to help their famillies with Schools and Social services for their kids too.
    All that is doing is takeing from our kids futures,I have to say our future too,to give it to those Illegals on top of all those Crimes we have to deal with because of them.
    I would also send them back with their kids too because if I go in Vacation some other Country legally & my wife has a kid that kid is American not a citizen of that country where was born.
    They don't respect our laws,They're not worthy to be part of our Country. That law in the Constitution was made for the kids of those Slaves,that were force to come here in chains not for those ones that come here Illigally this days. Somebody has to remind Obama that those Slaves were brought here by the English and that happened 300 years ago,we had nothing to do with that.We didn't profit for their work,why we should pay for that now with all those Socialist bills & regulations he & those Democrats are rushing through Congress?
    Wake up America,Before Is Too Late.

  6. One more thing,Very Good Job CNN.
    Is this the day when you guys going back to do what you did before & just report the Truth with out Covering for this Obama Administration?
    Personally I never Imagine that I'm going to put a coment here and write it as "Anonymous",not in this Country but that's the Reality that we're faceing today in this Country.We 're takeing over by this Socialists,Marksists & Comunists.
    Once again,Wake up and stay awake about this Administration & what they're doing with this Country. God Bless & Save America.

  7. Betcha Wolfee was S**TIN his pants on hearing that rant

  8. Even a broken watch is right twice a day. Sandy

  9. He did a similar rant, reprimanding obama for not having won the health care takeover. If he supports that kind of socialism, I don’t trust him.

    CNN obviously needs to improve ratings, especially since losing Lou Dobbs. I didn't agree with him about everything, but He WAS the only CNN anchor not afraid to call a spade a spade.


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