Monday, May 3, 2010

Bill Maher Lies Through His Smug Face.

Bill Maher claims Tea Parties are racist because a handful of people brought legal registered weapons to a few rallies. He neglected to mention that one of those racist armed citizens was an African-American.
Maher then goes on to say Tea Partiers are "Waving Guns Around". Umm..did I miss something? I don't remember one single report of anyone "waving a gun around" at a Tea Party. If that had happened the footage and story would have been ALL OVER the media. NBC would have broken away from regularly scheduled programming.
He's so much smarter you and me, if the great Bill Maher says it happened it must have happened. Right? Or is he just talking out of his a$$..again?

Unrelated side note about Maher. He thinks so highly of himself that he once pointed out the emergency room to a girlfriend as he broke up with her. Insinuating that she may attempt suicide over him. She laughed as she recounted the story on the Howard Stern Show a few years back.


  1. I guess you watched a different clip where Maher says that tea partiers are waving guns around. Nowhere in that clip does he say that. You honestly believe that Maher thought that a gal he dumped really might need to seek emergency assistance? Are you really that dumb? I doubt that you are but when you write such things it makes you look really lame.

  2. I have lived in this country for 40 years as a legal alien resident and one of the requirements for this is that you always have to have your Green Card with you. How is that different from being required to "have your papers"?

  3. dont know what clip you watched you fake ass "Jim Hoft" he says it quite clearly.
    Also Yes Maher is that full of himself, he thought the girl would be suicidal because he was leaving her. Did you see/ hear the interview with Howard Stern or are YOU just talking out of you a$$ too? My guess is the latter.


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