Monday, July 27, 2009

Report From The TownHall Meeting W/ Senator McCaskill's Rep.

The Townhall Meeting Was So Well Attended They Had To Move From A Conference Room To The Cafeteria. Hundreds Turned Out, Mostly To Voice Their Opposition To Senator McCaskill's Position On Cap And Trade And HealthCare Reform. I Almost Felt Sorry For McCaskill's Rep. There Was A 30 Person Deep Line To Speak. Almost Everyone Who Spoke Was opposed To The Senator's Positions And They Were Fired Up. It Was Like A Firing Squad. But There Were Those In Attendance That Support The Senator's Position. A Group Called Repower America Was There To Push The Cap And Tax Bill. But They Were Heavily Out Numbered. So I Decided To Ask Them A Few Questions. Here's A Couple Short And Sweet Interviews More To Come Soon. But First, The Quote That Is The Subject Of These Interviews:


This Guy Wrote Me A Very Interesting Email.
MainStream Media Alert! Leisa Zigman From KSDK Was Covering The Event. Will She Report The Real Story? I Hope So!
Even More Coverage Of This TownHall Can Be Found At ReBoot Congress and P/OedPatriot


  1. The future of sad that these poor people will continue to believe in what they WANT to believe rather than be honest with themselves and come to look at the facts...they are useful idiots, then again the old Irish proverb is "you can't have an argument with an idiot."

  2. I like the people talk, when the people see the face of the goverment and tal with the true, and we have all the right to do this, we have to remember who was the people who put the politicias in where they are today.

  3. I agree with a lot of what you're saying here but it could do with more detail. They stayed away in droves.
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