Wednesday, July 29, 2009

UPDATE:Gas Is Too Cheap Guy Responds. Calls Tea Partiers Homicidal Bigots.

I Was Wrong About This Guy Being With The Group RePower America. He Says He Is Not. Here's The Very Classy Letter I Received From Him:

Hi, I'm the guy featured in one of the videos you put up talking about the cap-and-trade bill, the one whom you said this about:

"This Guy Was Not Uninformed Like Most Of Those In His Group. He Just Doesn't Care. He's Under The Impression That Higher Energy Prices Will HELP The Average Family Buy That Electric Car."

I want to let you know that I'm pretty pissed off actually, and I think you're a stooge for not letting me know that you were going to put this video in the public domain, much less put it up with an insulting caption attached to it in a mischaracterizing context. Not only was the video cut off, but you assumed that I was with the group RePower America, which I'm not. You clearly had no interest in getting at the perspective I may have brought to the issue, instead only going for the "gotcha" moment which never materialized. Rather than include the next 30 seconds of the video, you decided to bail once you realized that I didn't fit the profile of the dumb hippy without any knowledge of the circumstances.

I have to say, you conducted yourself a little better than the others I talked to at the rally (because that's what it was, no progress or real engagement was even attempted). You had nothing to say about the erie similarities between Hitler and Obama's rise to power, you didn't predict the End of Days once, and you didn't even mention the bloodsucking illegal Mexicans you wanted to kill, as several others loudly proclaimed throughout the night. So that's admirable I guess. Still, some of the shit you have on your blog is offensive, disingenuous, and unhelpful to anyone but the balding, obese, unquestioning mass who read it and who probably still believe the CIA faked the moon landing and that the jews brought down the twin towers.

By the way, if you're interested in having a real discussion, provide an email or contact number or something on your blog so that people can respond to you.

See you at the next nutjob rally that no one will pay attention to.

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