Thursday, February 24, 2011

Racism, Thuggery and ACORN at The AFGE Union Protest.

Yesterday I received a tip that the local AFGE union was using taxpayer resources to organize a political rally. With proof in hand I confronted the organizers and reported what happened.
Well my friends, that was only half of the story. The other half is, this rally was populated with ACORN members, racists, and thugs. And they don't like being called out.


  1. Not a very big turnout. What was it $10,000 per protester?

  2. Mr. Sharp, you must possess los cojones grandes!

    That was AWESOME! Even tho you were threatened multiple times and insulted continuously, you kept your cool and remained polite. I don't know how you managed that.

    Keep it up!!

    Michael Joyce
    Dallas, TX

  3. THANK YOU for posting this! We've been all over this on Common Cents...

  4. Thanks for CONSISTENTLY doing what the Lame Stream Media REFUSES to do. Nice job again Man.

  5. oh child, not enough attention paid to you when you were younger huh? "please dad stop watching nascar and talk to me, mom stop drinking that bud light and tell me you love me." It's so sad and obvious. Keep trying, someday you too can achieve internet "fame" as well. Maybe one of those devilish blacks or liberals will lose it and swing a fist at you, then you can sue them and finally buy that awesome Ed Hardy shirt you saw on the jersey shore. We believe in you kid, you can do it!

  6. Linda Van de RietMarch 3, 2011 at 9:34 PM

    That Jeanine Molloff is a real hag! She and I would go round and round if she was my kid's teacher. I'd have some words to say to the administration of my kid's school about keeping her around! No wonder kids can't read and Nobamanocare is helping them to stay on our insurance until they're 26. With a loon like Molloff, the kids she teaches will be lucky if they can dress themselves!

    1. Excuse me, but may I offer some perspective? a teacher is also a citizen with the same civil rights as anyone else. Unless the teacher in question has committed a criminal act, you have no legitimate recourse to retaliate against protected 1st amendment activities. You also do not have the right to slander, libel or defame said teacher. you may choose to libel this person without any actual evidence of your dubious claims and Molloff may choose to initiate a civil libel lawsuit.
      the hag aka Jeanine Molloff


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