Saturday, February 26, 2011

Female Union Protest Leader: Women are Inferior to Men.

This classy bit of sexism comes from the 2-26-11 union protest in Jefferson City MO. Listen then remind yourself that it's 2011.

Stay Tuned this is just the tip of the intolerance iceberg from these union folk.


  1. She's got to be kidding. Women are not smart enough to be able to bargain for themselves therefore they need the unions to bargain for them? Men can do it, but women can't? I really don't want any of these people representing me or any other woman.

  2. I think her 2/3 statistic has been widely debunked. Also, is she really saying that men are better at bargaining for their rights than women? Really?

  3. Is it sexist to suggest that women are GENERALLY less aggressive?


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