Monday, October 12, 2009

Defending Rush Limbaugh

The other day I was listening to St. Louis 590 AM sports talk. The topic for the show was Rush Limbaugh and the possibility of him buying my beloved Rams.

The show's host, Jeff Gordon, who also writes for the St. Louis Post Dispatch, doesn't like Rush too much. After a few minutes of Rush bashing he goes on to say that Limbaugh "Incites Violence Against The Administration." "On a Daily Basis."

I heard that and thought, can a professional broadcaster say things like that with no proof or even an argument to back it up? "Incites Violence" is a specific charge.

Was Rush once involved in a riot that burned down Freddie's Fashion Mart? That was inciting violence....Wait that was Al Sharpton.

I know! It was Rush who told his supporters "go out and get in people's faces" and "argue with them". It was RUSH who told his people to "Punch Back Twice As Hard" and then Kenneth Gladney was assaulted a day later. THAT WAS INCITING VIOLENCE!!.......Wait that was President Obama.

I couldn't think of one time that I had heard of Rush "inciting violence". But I also knew that Mr. Gordon, being a responsible broadcaster, would never accuse someone of a crime on the radio for an entire city to hear with out proof. Right?

I HATE media bias and in this case I had an opportunity to confront it again as they were broadcasting from near where I was. So I went over there and here is what happened.

I'm all for having an opinion. That's what this site is and that's what Mr. Gordon's job is. That being said, have some facts to back up your argument.

UPDATE: I confronted These Two Again. They Refused To Apologize And Went On To Hint That The Slavery Quote May Be Real.

The point of this post is NOT the slavery quote. I did a ton of research and it seems to be made up by someone on Wikipedia...imagine that. I can find no audio or video or an original transcript. If someone has it, send it I'll post it in the interest of fairness.

For the record I think Rush Limbaugh would be a great owner. The guy wants to win at everything he does. I would love that mindset in the Rams front office.


  1. Wow! Great job, Sharp, getting this video! I hope you send this to Rush. That slavery quote was totally bogus. Rush needs to sue. Period.

    MSNBC and guys like this use this stuff for ratings. Rush said it best today: what passes for "journalism" these days is journalistic malpractice, and these two guys fall right into that category.

    You made these two very uncomfortable. That's exactly what we need to do. Kudos!

  2. Popping over from Gateway.
    You had that guy stuttering. I guess he prefers to make his statements and comments without having to back them up or answer for them
    Nice Job.

  3. I think you're inciting violence by just confronting them. Look at how uncomfortable they were. That was a liberal hate crime you committed.

  4. Thanks for confronting these jerks. Rush addressed these "quotes" on today's show, and I hope he hunts down and sues every one of these "journalists" who regurgitate them like yesterday's vomit.

    The entire legacy media ought to stick their heads in their a$$ and crawl away in shame at what passes for reporting. You know, I don't give a crap what some two bit local radio guys says, but a paid newspaper journalist, who probably has a Journalism degree from an accredited college, should know better.

  5. I posted the link on the Post-Dispatch's(where Gordon works)forum only to have the post deleted. I then asked for an explanation. This is what I got from forum moderator Mike Smith:

    A guy with a microphone walks onto their show set and says, "One of you, I don't know who, said Rush condones violence."

    And within 2-3 posts of the revelation that the guy off the street has made it up because he says over and over "I don't know who said it" . . . Gordo is the idiot, the moron, "Gordo got owned" and on and on it goes.

    In my book, that's worth deleting.

    Here's the link:

  6. Nice job of getting these two Tools to back peddle like a couple of Side Show Ass Clowns. These guys deserved to be shamed and you laid it on them too easy for my liking, but, nonetheless, I like it.

  7. Name: Jeff Gordon
    Degree and Year: BJ '79 (News-Editorial)
    Company: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
    Company Web Site:
    Title: Online Sports Columnist
    City and State: St. Louis, Mo.
    What do you do?
    I am an online sports columnist at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. I also serve as president of the St. Louis Newspaper Guild; as a talk show host at KFNS-AM; and as a national writer for and


    I think it's time to start calling out the "journalism" schools and their staff, for turning out these kinds of incompetent students.

  8. Great job! Finally people are starting to speak out and stand up!

  9. "That was a liberal hate crime you committed."

    That is too funny!

    Amazing what folks will spew with no facts to back it up. Then, when confronted, try to defend that position with, once again, no facts.

    Great job putting these tools back in their woodshed.

  10. Imagine if you had something better to do like think about how the Cards come back next year or maybe go help someone something good...or even exercise. Something other than drive to confront two lame sports show hosts for a mean thing they said about your man crush candidate #2 (Pujols #1).

  11. Oh Yeah, Rush is quite the enlightened one.

    "Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?"

    "Take that bone out of your nose and call me back."

    Rush Limbaugh acknowledged making these statements in a 1990 Newsday article

  12. Hi from the UK, love the video, maximum respect to you. Oh, and Reagan was one of the greatest men who ever lived, Thatcher and Reagan were a great duo eh?

  13. Great job. That quote is fake, these idiot broadcasters use it like it is real and don't do the homework to actually see that it is fake

  14. sir just do not get it. Myself and the Sharp One are upset because the supposed professional educated journalists ran with a fake quote in order to destroy someone on a personal level. Kind of the same reason Dan Rather got blatantly say that someone incites violence on a daily basis just because you do not agree with their opinion is assanine and absurd at the very LEAST. Basically your entire rebuttal states that because Limbaugh made what you consider derogatory statements in the past that it is ok that someone faked one now because "well we know his nature" BS buddy BS....that's fine Mark remember that gay or jewish joke you made at the office Christmas Party, or camping with your buddies....or wherever it was because I am willing to bet you've told one or two in your life......using your logic that makes you a blatant homophobic and anti semite so you should just go home stay off the net and rethink your life...ciao.

  15. Incredible. Oh, and that slavery comment wasn't from Wikipedia. Somebody actually said that; a man by the name of Michael Ledeen said that. He was quoted in some liberal book, and the author inferred (implied?) that he listened to Rush. Rush didn't say it, but someone who allegedly listens to him did, and he gets blamed for it.

    I'm definitely adding this site to my blogroll.


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