Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thought Police At The ObamaCare Rally.

Here's The Run Down On My Visit To Sunday's Pro ObamaCare Rally. First I Was Told That I Was Unwelcome Because Of My Point Of View. Very Tolerant For a Liberal Event.

So The Whiny Guy With The Ponytail And The Beard (Adam Shriver) Followed Me To Make Sure I Didn't "Start Anything". After That He Started Lying To People About Me. As You Hear In This Video He Claims I "Broke Into A Press Conference".I Don't Know How It Is Breaking In To Be Invited. Anyway Adam Shriver Must Be My Biggest Fan Cuz He Knew All My Greatest Hits.
Turns Out He's A Blogger Too. I Know I'd Defend His Right To Come To One Of Our Rallies As Long as He Didn't Cause Trouble. Just Goes To Show, Those Who Claim To Be The Most Tolerant Are Always The Most Intolerant.
After That, My Tea Party Homies On The Other Side Of The Street Decided To Have A Little Fun.

Then Maxine Johnson Of The McCaskill Townhall Sign Incident Showed Up. Fashionably Late Again, Bearing The Same Poster Of Civil Rights Hero Rosa Parks. I Spoke To Her And Her People Briefly, Until Someone Came Up And Dragged Them Away Because God Forbid They Dare Speak To ANYONE Who Doesn't Drink The Obama Kool Aid.
And It Wouldn't Have Been A Democrat Rally Without Exploiting Someone's Death For Political Gain.The Above Sign Was The Only Hand Made Signs I Saw. The Rest Were Mass Produced. You Know You're True Grass Roots When Your Signs Are Mass Produced! Hand Made Signs Were Not Allowed, This Small Pile Was Near The Entrance. Approved Free Speech Only.There Were Signs Demanding Govt Funded Abortion.

So All In All Typical Liberal Event. Give Us Free Stuff And If You Don't Agree Shut The Hell Up And Get Outta Here.

Here's A Great Little Video Put Out By My Boy Patch Over At The P/Oed Patriot .
Gateway Pundit Has Great Coverage Too, As Usual.

Look Who Made An Appearance!


  1. What is the link of that web site the lady is talking about? I tried to find it and no luck.
    If there was a sign as she says with nobama as a n the msm would have it on every day. where is it si i can see ??????

  2. First, there is not such website that Maxine Johnson and her sidekick mention. I used several search engines.

    Second, Maxine Johnson and her sidekick are the only people I've heard in ANY clip use the N word. Why? Because its part of the black culture. If you disagree with they viewpoint, it become part of their response, i.e., "Look here, N..."!

  3. I was also inside the "rally" last night. I went because some how I'm on the Robocall list, so I figured I'd go and check it out. A few things struck me.

    1) This was a very well orchestrated piece of propaganda.

    2) The "sign in" sheet that you had to sign in order to get in was actually a petition that they gave to Carnahan after his speech, to take with him on the bus to Washington.

    3) One of the union guys that was leading the chants was also leading a chant for "public option now".

    4) Carnahan basically promised the crowd that everyone will be covered, costs will go down, and treatment will not be denied. He also mentioned that Obama is still considering the "public option".

    All these things lead me to believe that once Congress is back in session, Democrats will attempt to use these series of "rallies" in support of Obamacare as "proof" that there is "grass roots support" of their position. They will roll that bus into D.C. and roll a wagon full of those petitions into Congress as proof that they have to pass something "NOW". And they will also try to put the "public option" back into the bill.

    It seems like they're spending a LOT of money just to give their people cover for ramming this thru.


  4. Another website to make me proud of Missouri. You guys are pathetic with your tiny camera following people around to stir things up.

    And you call that respectful and peaceful?

    You know it was so much easier when you all wore White Sheets and lived further out of town. Darn why did you have to go and ruin things?

    Well at least your are entertaining.... cheers!

  5. Thanks for the great videos. I remember Javonne Spitz from the Carnihan rally. She was constantly taking pictures inside the rally too. Outside she was rambling like a mental patient. Where was her camera at the union event? Did her husband make her leave it at home? Was she charged eventually?

  6. Show me no hate, we do not hate gays. Where did you even get that idea? We are not the ones who cause violence. Those arrested at these events are from your side. Union thugs who attack a black man who was giving out free flags.

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  8. Tea Baggers, carpetbaggers, you are all the same. Standing in the way of healthy progress while trying to keep all the resources jest for yourselves is your only contribution and it is certainly not in keeping with Libertarian values. I'll bet most of you neo-cons don't even know what economics actually means.

  9. Uh do you not see the irony of having a pic claiming that Barry has eliminated or blacked out portions of the Bill of Rights, while having a pic with the caption "Thank you President Bush." While not defending O by any means the majority, if not all of the items eliminated from the Bill of Rights were all passed under GWB. Might want to research some things before posting. Keep up the half-assed partisan work though.

  10. There is a great new "NEWS" site that takes nNws directly from the people and will index it to Google News in 20 minuts. They also have a Tea Party category. Everyone should check it out:

  11. turn on
    tune in...and save our country


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