Monday, August 31, 2009

VIDEO: More Harrassment Of Conservatives At ObamaCare Rally.

While ACORN and OFA did everything they could to keep out people who don't think like them, a few conservatives did get in. We saw how they treated me. Let's see how they treat a twenty something young lady who dares not to drink the kool-aid.
(all the action is in the 1st three mins or so) Watch the lady put her hands on the woman with the camera in an attempt to turn her toward the stage. I think the next move was to strap her in a chair and pin her eye lids open with tooth picks.

And this is how they treated us after the protest.

"Go to hell rednecks." Glad to see they're taking the high road.


  1. Wow seems like I need to take a roadtrip to St Louis...LOL. I just wish my camera was working at the Springfield rally when Claire left today. As few Obamacare supporters were chanting WHAT DO WE WANT? HEALTH CARE....about 100 people started chanting HEY HEY HO HO SOCIALISMS GOT TO classic stuff....

  2. I just posted some of my own video from the "rally" here.

    The Democrats are all about "controlling the environment", and they certainly did a good job here.



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