Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Psycho Mom Wants to Euthanize ‘Severely Disabled’ Children - Dr. Phil’s Audience Agrees

Still think we can't go the way of Nazi Germany? More info Here

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  1. I cannot say I would not feel the same way as this Mom. Call me a monster, but I am sure she feels like a monster, every day she takes care of them.
    These "children" must have some way to communicate?
    I would pray for their healing before ever considering something drastic...( if death, it certainly would be more humane and instant than what I heard here...if I could EVEN do it).
    The "children" need to be healed.
    It IS available.
    But this woman also needs some help in her desperation.
    She is reaching out.
    SOMEONE help her!


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