Friday, March 9, 2012

St. Louis Loves Howard Stern! The KOAM Arrives For AGT in The STL. (Video)

Howard Stern is the nicest dude EVER! Fist bumped him after the show. He asked if we had fun. He even went out of his way to fist bump and speak to my daughter. He didn't have to do that. What a great guy. Is it possible for me 2 be an even bigger Stern fan now? Yep!

I was so freaked to be talking to Howard Stern, I didn't realize my daughter(13)followed me. After he fist bumped me, he reached out for her only then did I realize she was behind me. I introduced her. And Howard Stern said to my kid(that's a crazy sentence to write) "Hey Abbie, I bet you've got talent. Get up there and sing!" :)

A (very) little behind the scenes look at America's Got Talent.

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