Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Howard Stern Talks About Chris Rock's Attack on Jason Mattera and Crew.

After some badgering Howard concedes that Rock should keep his hands to himself.

I was honored to be yelled at and booted by the King of All Media!

Original vid here:


  1. Are you going to post Mattera's interview with "Bono"?

  2. havnt watched. prolly not. you know this isn't fair and balanced land Russ. it appears to be unfavorable to Mattera (guessing).
    people who wanna see it will and have found it.

    I like Mattera and have no interest in goofing on him. I'm sure its funny and as a guy who uses humor in his interviews I'm sure Mattera took it in stride.

    I wont be posting any embarrassing videos of Romney or Bush or Rubio ect ect...

    you wouldnt expect me too

  3. As they say on the legal dramas, "Asked and answered!"

  4. hit me on facebook man next time. its easier. if you want an answer or whatever. feel free to blast away here still of course


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