Saturday, August 27, 2011

Genius Ron Paul Supporters Protest Wrong TV Station.

HT- Pat Dollard


  1. Maybe a little misguided, but atleast they aren't pushing for RINOs like Cain, Bachmann, Perry and Santorum...We'll all suffer 4 more yrs of 0bama if we don't all get behind the only honest candidate, Ron Paul, because the TEA party's "anyone but 0bama" campaign just isn't good enough.
    If the car is headed in the wrong direction, we don't just need to slow it down. We need to turn it around.

  2. gotta slow down b4 you can turn around.

  3. The tea party isnt a well organized organic movement, its a well organized astroturfing special interest group, they have only one agenda cut taxes for big corps, and to provide those cuts, cut spending on social programs. just look at their supporters and who they support. No need to argue, I see where your money comes from. Its not even really an argument. Tea people are awesome in that at least we can see what a handful of idiots can really do. I'd like to know what you tea people think of bank of america or at&t or goldman sachs. Please let me know.

  4. Yea, the thing is I don't see any evidence that yall intend to turn anything around. I voted with you guys in 2010. And there were no meaningful spending cuts. 0bamacare wasn't defunded.
    I see a lack of conviction in the TEA Party. I haven't flown since last Summer and we could have made a stand, ended TSA abuses last holiday season, but TEA Partiers weren't willing to give up any luxuries for their own freedom, the freedom of future generations, so they took the easy road, they recorded TSA officers groping their 5yo daughters...
    Ron Paul is the only candidate I trust. When he says he will end the Patriot Act, I know he will. When he says he will stop TSA abuses, I know he will. When he says he will end the wars, bring our military home, I know he will. We can't go wrong with a president who believes and adheres to our Constitution. Our Country is at stake. This is our last shot. Your candidates are a gamble.

  5. look at Obama's ORIGINAL agenda. he started the year pushing taxhikes and spending. wahts the narrative right now? did he get taxhikes? did he get more spending?(since 10?) Nope, the TEA Party came in and stopped him cold and we only have 1/2 of the house. Again, we slowed you'll get real cuts when we run shit.
    Ron Paul Can 't win bottom line


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