Thursday, July 28, 2011

Overboard - Lib Talk Host Compares Norway Killer to Palin, Fox, Bachmann, Beck

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  1. There's something everyone can do to fight this nonsense:
    Stand against the blood libel of the truth tellers by people who have a vested interest in silencing them!

    Operation United Front - UPDATED - Roll Call!

    Contact me if you wish to be added to the Roll of the righteous.

  2. Representative Carolyn McCarthy Democrat/Statist of New York, a staunch supporter of restricting gun rights said the lax gun laws in America led to the mass shooting in Norway. What the more restrictive gun laws in Norway did not stop it?

    In Norway a license is required to own a gun, and the owner must provide a written statement saying why he or she wants one. What, a criminal is not going to LIE?

    Some people believe it is up to the police to protect us. As a former police officer, I say this is a false premise. Policemen usually respond after the crime and do follow-up work to catch the perpetrator.

    Others believe in more restrictive gun laws and still others believe in an outright ban on them. You’ve seen the signs in America. It’s a picture of a gun encircled with a line slashed through it. They are everywhere. These signs are in schools, churches, hospitals, government buildings, and businesses. They’re supposed to represent a universal message stating that No Guns Are Allowed i.e. a ‘Gun Free’ zone on the premises. Yet in the criminal mind it represents a place where there will be little or no resistance, in other words a Shooting Gallery, because criminals do not care about laws.

    In Norway the police were unable to get to the shooting site while it was occurring, because they did not have a boat or helicopter. In the Virginia Tech shooting the Media and a number of heavily armed police officers were on campus as seen in the video when the shootings were occurring, because you could hear the gunshots coming from inside the school at that time. Nevertheless, having more policemen on the scene as seen in the News video did not prevent Cho from murdering those innocent people.

    The restrictive gun laws in Norway did not prevent the massacre from happening. Being a gun free zone did not stop the massacre as in Virginia Tech. There are EVIL people in the world who mean us harm. People need to be able to defend themselves from these evildoers. If the people in Norway or the students at Virginia Tech were armed the carnage may have been limited or at least they would have had a chance to protect themselves and possibly take out the shooter.

    People have a God given to be able to protect themselves and their family. I say they have a duty to do so. This means people should be able to arm themselves anywhere. These rights are protected under the Second Amendment of the Constitution in America, however several countries in the UN, as well as FOOLS like Representative Carolyn McCarthy do NOT think so. That is why Patriotic Americans need to stand up and fight for the right to protect themselves and their family.


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