Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Steven Crowder Takes Jon Stewart to the Wood Shed.


  1. Right on, Steven! Keep up the good work exposing the real hacks! We need more from your generation to wake up to reality and get involved! You are a clear-eyed patriot; get ready for Palinesque back lash from the assimilated indoctrination machine, a.k.a-the lame stream media!

  2. I feel dumber having watched this. What a waste of time. They were just being nice saying, "Steven is very talented," ( & you felt a need to highlight that part even though it wasn't your point) you said it, The Daily Show is a private entity, they don't owe you anything, they know if they have people like you on there, what kind of show it would be, and they would lose viewers, but I digress, it says "Be Nice!" under comments. & no one is even watching this video.


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