Friday, February 4, 2011

Ed Schultz Compares Mubarak Supporters To Conservatives.

HT- The Radio Equalizer


  1. Wow! This guy really is an idiot! He actually makes more of a case for the Mubarak supporters being like the Kool-Aid drinking progressive, liberal Obama followers. Mubarak is BIG GOVERNMENT, just what the progressives here have fought for for 100 years! Not one act of violence by a TEA Party member, but look at the violence on the left, just sayin...

  2. not one, what do you call it when you step on a girls head? not one??????? You shouldnt speak in absolutes.

  3. oh, you mean the girl who was instructed by the radical MoveOn organization to disrupt the rand paul debate and force a violent reaction so someone could film it? you mean the girl wearing a blonde wig this time who had already made a huge nuisance of herself earlier that day and provoked officers to restrain her when she got too close to a candidate? you mean the girl who later went on CNN and laughed about her ploy because it made her famous for 5 minutes?
    no, nothing untoward there.
    you people are pathetic.


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