Monday, January 31, 2011

WTF??? NYC Mayor Investigating Gun Shows in AZ?

From Fox:
Mayor Michael Bloomberg says undercover investigators working for New York City were illegally allowed to buy semi-automatic pistols at an Arizona gun show.
Details here from Fox Nation.

Umm...isn't Arizona outside the city of New York? Shouldn't Bloomberg be trying to figure out how to get NYC's streets plowed? Or how to keep his tax base from fleeing?


  1. actually as he puts it a vast majority of the illegal weapons found on NYC streets or used in NYC crime are guns bought in other state whether they be from nearby states such a PA, or others such as TX and AZ. Thats the point he is making, The lack of following gun laws already on the books by one state effects others. Mind blowing isnt it? Jesus Christ dont follow the logic do ya?

  2. @Anonymous
    So, NYC makes guns nearly illegal, then expresses surprise when the guns they find come from another state.
    It's much like the US being so surprised that most of our illicit drugs come from other countries....
    The logic you need to follow is the fact that making something illegal in one locality by default makes another locality an exporter of the illegal item.
    New York is definitely awash in more than enough problems that need dealing with without needing to police the rest of the country. Isn't over-policing and intruding into other affairs (on a global rather than an interstate scale) the main reason our country is criticized?
    Perhaps Bloomberg should have his house clean before telling his neighbor theirs is a mess?

  3. Anon;
    And what is the crime rate in the state that heavily regulates firearm ownership vs Arizona or New Mexico? Maybe NY should start allowing it's citizens to own firearms then you won't find as much from AZ and the law abiding individuals will own the fire arms. Think about it. The reason the criminals have the guns in NY is because they are outlawed. Logic, it's a tricky thing for some people.

  4. What horsecrap yellow journalism. Putting the mag in the gun and pointing it at the camera while pulling the trigger.

    I wish I had a gun store so I could offer a %20 discount to new yorkers.


    there ya go follow the link, and see which states have the most gun deaths per pop, shockingly the top 10 states all happen to be red states. Funny isnt it. Now if you do a little bit more prodding by which states have the highest ownership of guns those same states with the highest gun deaths also own the most guns. But facts and figures those don't matter when all you believe is that Obama wants your guns.

  6. Yes and DC is at the top, DERP! Those stats don't differentiate the difference between criminal acts, accidents, suicides and so on.
    Lies, damned lies, and statistics

  7. dc isn't a state, derp???? i don't know what that word is. That wasn't my point, my point is that more guns equal more gun deaths. Its as simple as that. And my first point was that the federal laws that are already on the books are not even being followed, the lefties don't want anyones guns taken they just want laws to be followed to keep guns out of the hands of people that shouldn't have them, there should be barriers between certain people and guns. Do you really disagree with that?


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