Friday, January 14, 2011

Lib Radio Host: "Beck Just as Deranged as Loughner"

The constant drum beat of bullsh*t from the left continues.

via The Radio Equalizer


  1. The liberal MSM is blatantly manufacturing a reality that they hope enough people will believe just because they heard someone on TV or radio say it because they are too busy with their lives to really pay attention. I know people I talk to on a daily basis who will automatically repeat the left's talking points they heard that day. They aren't thinking for themselves.

  2. Anyone can just make up baseless hate! What the Left fears, they smear with lies! Beck always backs up his words with facts, most often with video or audio proof! Mr Herrick who comments before me is absolutely right. The lame stream media all have the same talking points for the day. It is so obvious! Try to have a conversation
    with someone on the Left, and that is what you get, "Talking Points!" The last time I tried to have a conversation with a Liberal. and I had facts to back up what I was saying, he called me a "Radical!" and stormed off. I wore that as a badge of honor. Once they recite the talking points they have read or heard for the hundredth time; they have nothing to say!

  3. Indeed they are...the liberal VERBAL VOWEL movement is a sickness. We have to get well and crete more thinkers in our society. In our microwave society it is easier for some to simply listen to radio or watch TV witout doing the research.

    Yet, CONSERVATISM LIVES, rules and rocks. Love Glen Beck!


  4. C,
    Beck is right a lot of the time but saying that he "always backs his words with facts" is not a true statement. Beck has been caught in many logic traps and several lies and he has participated in several smear campaigns.

  5. Beck also helped con people out of their life savings by promoting that Gold selling scheme. Total schill. Oh who else was obsessed with Gold Standards and the fiat dollar crashing...JARED LOUGHNER.

    But surely the neo cons will continue to deny reality and defend the Meth addict con artist.


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