Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just Released: AZ Shooter's Insane Video Tour of His College Campus.

Hear Loughner in his own words. His mental illness is evident through out the video. There's also another clue to his politics as he rails against America's "Illegal wars"


  1. Amazing. We have idiots like this, spouting out about what is illegal, and yet, he goes out and shoots a bunch of random people, including the one he was targeting, and we are not talking about what he did wrong, but only about the rights that have to be taken away from everyone because of what he did? Thanks for posting this video. I hope many see it.

  2. I wonder if this school realizes how narrowly they escaped a shooting spree like the one at Virginia Tech...

  3. Funny how adam deletes opinions of those he doesn't agree with IGNORING and Cherry picking his facts.

    1. Illegal Wars is also an opinion of extreme Libertarian, anti government paranoia.

    2. He stated in his videos he is anti government and FEDERALIST laws are suppressive and against the constitution - again, right wing and Libertarian talking points.

    3. Anti immigration, hated Obama suing AZ over SB 1070

    4. Gold Standards, Currency corruption are libertarian talking points like Glen Beck

    5. All viewpoints expressed by Jarred in his videos are very similar to the Patriot movement and he subscribed to Sovereign Citizen movement dogma - both RW/Libertarian/Anti gov't organizations.

    Adam, if you want to be a PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER - at the very least, ANSWER FOR THESE instead of deleting the evidence and ignoring the evidence.

    You're a stereotypical CHERRY PICKER and Cafeteria Voter. Prove you're right and tell me why the above list should be completely ignored?

    Go on?

    Have some balls for once and engage in a debate.

    Tell me how is a leftist "anti government"???

    Seems kind of...oxymoronic, don't you think?

    He's a nutjob that got pushed over the edge by extreme conspiracy theories and lies about the Federal Gov't, all of which, come from extreme right wing organizations trying to schill people.

    And how is denying a gun to a drug addict with an arrest record PUNISHING everyone else, Robert Garding. How is it a criminals right (one with a drug and mental illness history) to buy guns and ammo? Do you like defending criminally insane people's right to own a gun?

    But who cares, the NRA got a few extra bucks out of it.


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