Monday, January 17, 2011

Brit Hume Thinks Sarah Palin is Running.

God Forbid.


  1. Sarah would make a "Perfect President":
    Pro-American, Pro-Constitution, Pro-Life, Pro-family, Pro-Christian Church, low taxes, less government, Pro-Tea Party & EXPERIENCE.

    I don't believe it gets much better than that folks, in what we need in a Conservative President. I hope she is win-able.

    God Bless Sarah Palin.

    John McGinnis
    St Louis

  2. Then don't vote for her in a primary. But what if she runs and wins the GOP nomination -are you going to keep going around saying she can't win, she can't win?

    I just don't see what good that does.

  3. if she wins the primaries I'll bust my ass trying to get her elected. she'd be a great President. I think we have a MUCH better shot to win with other people.

  4. great president really? really" A half term governor that left alaska politics because the media was to harsh on her. And you want her to be president? Sorry its not gonna get any easier for your wet dream. However at least Mr. Elbows acknowledges she has an ice cube's chance in hell of surviving the primaries. She will not get the majority in N.H. or Iowa, and thank god for that. By the way do you actually believe that Roe v Wade can be overturned by a president? I'm bewildered by what pro-family means, please explain? Do you want taxes at all, if so how low do you want it to be? if not how will we fund roads, war, education, police, fireman, etc etc etc, Why "christian church" why not be pro any church, mosque,synagogue? You have a lot of questions to answer anonymous. As for experience, you're challenging a constitutional expert who represented the 5th most populous state of the union as well as the president of the past two years, what experience does Palin have that our president does not. People of her own party will not even support the idea that she is capable of being able to hold the office of presidency. Just saying this thread is kind of nuts.

  5. Man. We have to do better than those two.
    Do we really want Obama to win again?

  6. What are the choices? Palin will split the conservative vote and Republicans end up with another progressive who loses to Obama. That would truly suck.


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