Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bob Beckel on Wikileaks Guy: "Shoot The Son of a Bitch."


  1. We NEED proper steering mechanism to survive the global society we created with technology. Transparancy/involvism is needed. It's urgend, at this moment our society has an obsolete 200 years old steering mechanism. How can a few wise leaders understand these complex global issues pending ?

    Would we have gone to Iraq over Weapons of mass destruction is we were part of the diplomatic cable discussion ?
    Better of with more transparency ? Credit Crises / Cable gate shows governments are not so much in control of the global society. Wasn't it work of the press to tell us the truth ?

    Can the government be specific what is so threatening, because NO ONE DIED by the cables released. People did die because the same amount of money did go to Foreign Affair as to public health care.

    At least the cork out of the bottle. Fact is that secrets are harder to keep anno 2010. Shutting down is naive. Discuss it is the only option.. If democracy fails, the only solution is MORE democracy!. Fill the streets and discuss where the press fails.

  2. So the Statists on the left and right, want to kill the messenger. We should be concerned with the content of the WikiLeak cables not the “son of a bitch” who made them available. The statist apparatus, including the msm, likely coordinated an assault on this guy to divert public attention from the content. I won’t blindly support the government as it is dysfunctional, dishonest and possibly destructive.

  3. Anything Beckel is for I am against.

  4. What's with the rightist being against transparency? They want to think of themselves as libertarians and then being anti-wikileaks? That is pretty whacked.

  5. first of all all of these guys should be charged with Contender.
    secondly Obama is not the leader of the free world he is president of the USA and nothing more.
    Wikileaks 4 ever


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