Sunday, November 14, 2010

TSA Out Of Control. Accosts 3 Year Old Child.

That video makes this picture (found on an actual TSA computer) even more disturbing.


  1. I, too, would be very upset to see my child subjected to being patted down, especially as much as we coach them about not letting strangers touch them. That said, there are some very evil people in this world who would not hesitate to blow a child to smithereens to further their own agenda. What TSA could have done was to hand mom the screener and direct her how to screen her child or even allow Mandy to first do that to mom, so she could get a little comfortable with the process, as much a cranky 3 yr. can get. Granted it would have slowed things down, but these are very important passengers and worthy of the special treatment.

  2. What I find the most disturbing is that some people who seem to think it's perfectly ok to grab grandma's breasts and stick hands up little kids crotches, are the same people who thought it was so wrong to water board TERRORISTS for information that saved lives, and think that doing such so horribly violated the terrorists' rights ... but violating the rights of the innocent is all good and necessary to ensure our safety!!!!

  3. I recently went through TSA-sshole security when I flew home last week. I opted out of the X-Ray scanner, and then the pee brained moron got very loud and started to direct me to this spot, and wait here for your pat down. Fine, if he wants to make an ass out of himself that's great. I had no shoes on, and the TSA person who was doing the pat down instructed me what he was going to do. Go up my leg, and then down. Pat my back, etc etc etc. I asked him if this was like my medical exam that my doctor gave me and if he was going to make me turn my head and cough, and he said, "Sort of". Sort of?? He went up my legs and touched my scrotum, both times. He didn't cup my genitalia, but never the less, he touched me where he shouldn't have, period. Then he swabbed my feet after touching the souls, cause evidently they must make C4 socks now days!

    People will argue that we find it ok when we go to a concert and get patted down, but when it comes to airport security we freak out, so get over it. There is a very distinct line here. At a concert, it's not a government agency who is molesting you. A cop can't stop you for speeding and say, "Sir, I'm gonna ask you to step out of your vehicle so I can pat you down for the safety of all other drivers". No, they need reasonable suspicion, "REASONABLE" being the operative word. Under the fourth amendment right, you have the right to not have the government and/or agent of the government to touch you where you shouldn't be touched.

    It's absurd that the general public thinks that this kind of degrading procedure is keeping us safe. If I were a terrorist, the last thing I would be doing is trying to bring a bomb on board with me. I would be trying to get a job with the TSA, or the Airport baggage handlers, or the catering services to get a bomb on board that way. I work for the federal government, and I work at an airport. I have a red pass that allows me to go "anywhere" I choose and no one blinks an eye. Think about that the next time you are being felt up.

    The other thing that bothers me to no end, is you have to wonder what if there are guys who are looking at your naked bodies on the scanners and those feeling you up aren't sexual deviants, or worse, child molesters who get a kick out of feeling up your child or you.

    If a TSA agent would have done to my child what the one in the video did, I might have to roll up my jacket sleeve and bite down on it real hard, cause I would be extremely inclined to punch their teeth out; and then my trip would end.

    Don't subject yourself to un-nessesary radiation, and when you get felt up, ask the TSA agent if you can have their number so you can go out on a date and ask them if you can kiss them afterwards. Guys, let the TSA ding dong know you are getting aroused when they go up your leg. If you're gonna get molested, at least have some fun with it at their expense!


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