Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sharpton Verbally Bitch Slapped By C-Span Caller!

H/T EddieBear


  1. So was the first caller hung up on? I recorded the Restoring Honor Rally and later enjoyed watching it. I then went to C-Span and found the counter rally. I fast forwarded to Al Sharpton's "speech". He started by having the crowd join him in the worn out no justice no peace chant. I turned it off.

  2. OF COURSE REVAl uses racism and civil rights, if he didn't he'd be out of a job! When companies don't do what HE wants he gathers (busses in) protesters to embarrass the companies. His tactics are becomming very worn-out and I am happy to see that some in the Black community are wise to this. Sharpton, Jackson and liberals use this to keep a job and could care less about the poor people that have been on welfare for generations, thanks to the "Civil Rights" groups. I feel very sorry for them being used in this way.

  3. Still not as good as when Sharpton made Hannity eat his shoe.


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