Friday, September 17, 2010

Bill Maher Uses The N-Word But TEA Partiers are The Racists.

Wait who's the racist?

Nothing racist there.


  1. It's going to be hard to convince anybody that Maher is a racist when he is known for dating black women.

  2. Just because you date outside of your race, doesn't mean that you aren't a racist.

  3. by saying or typing the word nigger makes you a racist? I believe context is everything, wouldnt you? You do understand that the word nigger does exist correct? And by saying that people who refer to the president yes president as a loud mouth tribesman in a way is referring to him as a way they would never refer to a white president. What it is, is code. You may not say nigger but you mean nigger when you say socialist, tribesman, question the presidents birth, question his religion, question americans understanding of his policies, question americans ability to comprehend the president? That is why Teabaggers are thought to be bigots. By the way i'm white and I typed the awful word nigger multiple times and I dont feel as if i'm racist and would gladly show this post to any of my black friends and colleagues. Once again Mr. Sharp you're an idiot and worthy of all intellectual criticism.

  4. Maher will have a hard time coming up with material once the 2012 elections are over and his "hero" is out of a job. Demeaning everyone around him doesn't cut it if he can't produce actual facts. He makes fun of everyone to cover the fact that he's 4' 10". Notice how close the camera is? If they backed up he'd look like Howdy Doody.
    He can be funny without being so cruel and demeaning. THAT isn't funny at all. And Maher apparently has the money not to have to worry about higher taxes, the rise in health care costs, etc. I doubt he owns a gun so he won't have to be concerned about them being confiscated. He's so out there.... he fails to be entertaining.

  5. It says 'be nice!' under the 'Post a comment'...

    Well, Tmothy, Mary, you two are spot on.

    The other two are a pair of F*$*)(&&^$ morons.

  6. Bill Maher is a voice of reason... Tea Party is not racist, the GOP leaders pandering to their white base in order to hijack the movement are the RACISTS. You cannot change the fact that if you are black, you are not with the GOP.


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