Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Video From ACORN's Chase Bank Assault.


  1. That's it teabaggers, defend the criminal bankers.

  2. In addition to membership fees and government grants, ACORN (and its partner group the ACORN Institute) have received large donations from the Union Bank of California Foundation; the Provident Bank Foundation; the JP Morgan Chase Foundation; the Bank of America Charitable Foundation; the US Bancorp Foundation; the Wachovia Foundation; the Carnegie Corporation of New York; the Citigroup Foundation. (from discoverthenetworks.org).

    Ironic that the progressive movement was initiated in the late 1800s and largely financed by the very corporatist institutions that these collectivists protest. These corporations, with the collaboration of the federal government, have blocked free market competition and promoted centralization/collectivism. The goal is globalism and organizations like ACORN are paid to help achieve this goal.

  3. 1:40, I fell like, I feel Like, Hahahahahaha, stupid cow.

  4. The acorn protestors look like low paid actors not at all like American patriots fighting for their country. American's see through this fakeness of the left and are ready and prepared to move forward to get this country back on track. Blaming Bush is pointless because the libs were in control of Congress for the last 2 years of his administration, they setup the win for 2008 with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and essentially have been in charge for 4 years. If that's the case that means Bush Sr. was responsible for everything Clinton took credit for. God help us all.

  5. Security Guards? Trespassing? How did this even get this far? I mean usually things get tense if you walk into the bank with a hoodie and sunglasses...how did like 2 dozen people storm a bank without a massive, overreacted response by security and police?

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