Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is Rick Sanchez Racist or Just a Douche?

Cotton Pickin'? Really?

H/T Real Revo


  1. A racist dude? Really? This is why you create a blog? Wow!

  2. The term 'cotton-picking' originated in the southern states of the USA, where it is usually pronounced cotton-pickin'. It began life in the late 1700s and differs from the 19th century Dixie term, 'cottonpicker', in that the latter was derogatory and racist, whereas 'cotton-picking' referred directly to the difficulty and harshness of gathering the crop.

    So, it's not a racist term, but because Sanchez used it when talking about Obama, the race baiters will see it that way. Bod forbid someone like Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck use the term! They would be crucified.


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