Monday, August 23, 2010

Democrat Melissa Bean's Thug-Fest Saga Continues.

GasxBeano Writes:
As of today , there are more questions than answers . This cut is post the town hall / educational discussion . A few unanswered questions that this clip brings up , there were 3 Round lake beach Police officers (one was plain clothes and armed) , why did the Round Lake Beach Library Security need to intimidate US Citizens ? And why on earth would a public library need access to a Congress woman ???You didn't think we ran out of tape did you ? There is more , and I am still waiting for Tommy Christopher to RETRACT .

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  1. I live in the 8th Illinois Congressional District. I could not be more ashamed of my representative in Congress, Melissa Bean. She doesn't live in our district and seldom shows up here... too busy having three martini fund-raising lunches with Wall Street executives in D.C. to bother with the peasants. But, when she does actually appear... Well, you see the result. I'm happy to see some of her tactics are getting a wider audience. If there's any member of Congress that truly needs go be voted out, this is the one! Don't tread on us, Melissa. We're done with you and your Wall Street cronies.


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