Sunday, July 4, 2010

World's Biggest HACK Jay Leno Uses Stolen Bit To Prove a Point.

Don't get me started on Jay Leno. His entire career is based on thievery. His original Tonight Show job was stolen from Letterman. He then made that show successful by stealing reams of material from other comedians and shows. Case in point the bit showcased below, Jay's signature bit,"Jay Walking" this bit is shamelessly stolen from Howard Stern who pioneered the art of asking people on the the street common knowledge questions.
But I digress. The following video is a Liberal's wet dream, an uneducated public is what they rely on to maintain their power and with 30 plus years of teacher's unions controlling schools and curriculum this is what we've got.


  1. Wasn't his Tonight show "stolen" from, um, The Tonight Show? He took it over from Carson, right? Same format as Carson's Tonight Show -- pre-dates Letterman by a generation. Man on the Street interviews go back, probably, to radio days.

  2. Letterman was in line to takeover from Carson until Jay went around hiding in closets and backstabbing anyone he had to in order to get the job. Check out the book/ movie "The Late Shift"
    Letterman's a jack ass too...don't get me wrong. just LOATHE Jay. He's a robot

  3. Not just "man on the street" stuff. asking common knowledge qustions to every day people in order to point out how poorly edjucated people are. Actually making the subject of the interview the butt of the joke. I defy you to show me an example of that prior to 1981.

  4. Wouldn't you think the NEA would be lobbying congress for removal from the airwaves following a bit like that?


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