Friday, May 28, 2010

After Doing D**k For 39 Days, Obama Spends 3 Hours Touring Oil Spill Damage.

Now it's off to vacation!!

"Daddy, have you plugged the hole yet?"
I'm calling BullSh*t on that little propaganda piece too.


  1. I can't stand the smug a-hole myself, but what exactly are we wanting the president to do about the spill? BP made the mess and besides the Gov. offering it's resources, BP should clean it up. All I see are people acting like obama is Superman, sitting out, and that's why they are mad. It's not like he is going to go down to LA and use Black Power to heal the Earth...

  2. True enough. But couldn't that ass wipe show a little interest?? I know he hates to interrupt his golf and basketball, but at least try to act like you give a rat's rear-end. I like him squatting on the beach and picking up a little tiny piece of something like he's really concerned. Jindal has been begging the govt. for the resources they need but they were given authorization for a pittance of what they need. Remember Carter saying his daughter's biggest worry was nuclear proliferation? Here we go again! One would think this guy could come up with a better line that that.


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