Monday, April 5, 2010

St Louis TEA Party Continues It's Takeover Of Fox News.

St Louis TEA Party activist and my buddy, Jay Stewart talked TEA Party with Neil Cavuto.

"A Citizenship Movement"


  1. is this news to you? Fox News is in the corner of the republican party, the republicans are doing all they can to court far right moronic hillbillies. Thus using logic Fox news is in the business of giving right wing moronic hillbillies a platform to spew their propagana. Case closed, not really a teabagger win, but more like a loss for my grandparents who watch Fox News "religiously" and are scared to death of the scary black president who wants to "give all of the white peoples money to the black people". Old Fox News the medium choice of all scholars.

  2. Nice... Call the tea party people names, accuse them of being racists. Do you have any NEW cards in your deck, are are you going to continue to spew the same old tired Democrat lines?

  3. Another good showing by St. Louis Tea Partiers.

    Jay's got it right regarding the TEA Party being more of a citizenship movement than anything likely to become a political party. I think of it as sort of a Citizen's Constitutional "Consumer Reports" combined with a political version of the old John Stossel type consumer advocate 'Gotcha Reporting' on frauds and cheats.

    I think if we ever tried to make a political party of it, it would quickly cease to be - the thing which draws people to it - demanding Constitutional quality and exposing frauds and cheats in politics - would be lost by it becoming what it's supposed to be reporting on.

    And by that token, there is nothing about it which would restrict it to Republicans or exclude either old time Democrats or Independents - respecting the Constitution leaves for a pretty wide range of political interpretation. Think of Hamilton and Madison, America's original political Cat's & Dog's, they were united in their efforts to write, promote and ratify the Constitution (see the Federalist Papers) because of their agreement on the principles behind it, nevertheless they were politically mortal enemies when it came to how to apply those principles.

    That's just politics, and always will be - but first we've got to weed out the unconstitutional griffters and thugs that we've allowed to overrun it, once we've accomplished that, we can get back to good ol' 'honest' politics.


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