Thursday, April 29, 2010

Little Girl Confused and Scared By Riot Police.

Nice Work By Jim Hoft "Gateway Pundit" and Andrew Marcus "Founding Bloggers"


  1. Great Interview! That Little girl was very brave to be interviewed! Our Gov should be Teaching and Encouraging our kids to participate not scaring them away.
    Thanx for running the vid.
    Illinois Tea Partier

  2. We shall overcome and we have them on the run more than they have us on the run.
    Yes, were are scared and yes we are putting our lives and freedoms on the line everytime we stand up but the results with out this movement are much worse than with it.
    It is our country, our Constitution and our rights to raise our children in a free land as set up in the Constitution.
    We just explained to my 7 year old grand son last Sunday after watching the T.E.A Party Doc Movie why we are fightning and taking time from him to defend our country and make it a better place for him and his sissy. He needs to know why his Granny, his Dad and his Mom are doing what we are doing. All children need to know what this is about.
    God Bless America and the little children who's lives are in our hands, not the governments.

  3. When the left uses bully boy tactics it isn't very pretty. Why am I reminded of the Black Panthers standing out front of a Philadelphia polling place using clubs to intimidate white voters? Elian Gonzalez shrinking from the SWAT team member as he pointed his weapon at him before grabbing him and sending to Fidel also comes to mind. Fascism isn't any prettier in America than it was in Germany or Italy in the 1930's. God help us all.

  4. stupid parents make stupid children.


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