Thursday, April 29, 2010

VIDEO: Tea Party Activists COMPLY with Police Orders in Quincy ILL.


  1. The subversive blond in the urban assault vehicle is obviously a security risk. She of course needs to be squelched by a trained SWAT team.

  2. You were all very polite and what else would they expect from the angry mob?
    The T.E.A. Party is still maintaining the conservative actions of upstanding Americans. Everytime the President sets his self up like this, we win again.
    Great work here and I am very proud of you all. Sure wish I could have been with you all instead of trapped in this office working.

  3. If it keeps going like this, with the escalation of force and rhetoric especially from the left, I am afraid we're going to come to another "Tianamen Square" single-protester-smashed-by-tanks moment. And that will look very bad for the opposition!
    I had kind of the same fear during the hellish aftermath of Katrina...all it would have taken is video of a National Guardsman shooting a US Citizen, albeit a looter, on the evening news and the floodgates of civil unrest would have been flung wide.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! What a bunch of losers! Do people ever get tired of being fakes?

    "The only problem with that? The SWAT team wasn't called in. Local police, wearing riot gear, briefly marched down the street to clear it for the president's motorcade."

  5. Yeah, elmo, what a loser. Ever get tired of being a fake? Fact check: This local police department DOESN"T have a SWAT team. Riot Police marched in from the opposite end of the block after the motocade had already gone through as people sang God Bless America. The area was not marked as "unrestricted" in anyway, and the people complied with any orders given to move back without any argument or incident.


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