Monday, March 22, 2010

St Louis TEA Party Holds a Funeral for Liberty in Front of Russ Carnahan's House Complete With Coffin.

The St Louis TEA Party held a vigil and symbolic funeral for the victims of Obamacare. The candle light prayer service was held at Russ Carnahan's office and the funeral procession made it's way to Russ's House where the coffin was placed on the sidewalk in front of his home. Symbolically laying responsibility for the lives that will be adversely effected at Russy boy's feet.

Great Work by P/Oed Patriot.


  1. Wish I could have been there, however, I had just returned from the DC Protest and was so exhausted, both physically and mentally. I spent today recharging and am ready to get back in the fight!
    Never, never, never give up!!!!

  2. I wish I had been there too. Too laugh my ass off.

  3. I called McCaskill's office yesterday and said I would like to leave a statement for Mrs. McCaskill. I told the staffer please tell Mrs. McCaskill as a free American under the Constitution and a Missourian, I am opting out of the health care mess. The staffer advised me there was nothing their office could do because it is now the law of the land and I would have to call the IRS and tell them I am opting out. I then reiterated please tell Mrs. McCaskill I am opting out. Again the staffer referred me to the IRS. Being persistent as I am, I again said please tell Claire I am opting out because she helped pass this bill and I am her constituent and she is my Senator. He replied he would however their office could do nothing to help me and I need to call the IRS.

    This is so bizarre. People now have to call the IRS! The IRS!

    Now instead of taking 2 aspirins and calling the doctor I guess we have to take 2 aspirins and call the IRS.

  4. Just WOW.

    I can't believe that Politico tried to spin this as a 'death threat' against Carnahan.

    Un. Freaking. Believable.

    The leftist media is willing to try any tactic to smear opponents of Obama. I honestly think we should give them what they want.

    Meanwhile James Cameron can issue death threats against non believers of global warming and the media pretends it didn't happen.

  5. You won't be laughing when your taxes go up. Oh, but then again you probably don't pay taxes, as you are another lazy liberal who has no job and wants the government to pay for his pot and Cheetos.

  6. Of course this brilliant act is being played as a threat to the congressman. Look for the next shoe to drop on patriotic Americans.

    Apparently protesting is only allowed to be exercised by Liberals. All other groups are domestic terrorists, racists, and hate groups.

    God Bless America and God Bless the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, may we make them proud.

  7. Putting a coffin on someone's lawn is a prima facie death threat. Either you are deliberately misrepresenting the matter or you are so divorced from reality that you cannot tell the difference between your sophomoric fantasy rhetoric and reality.

  8. OK, protesting policy and inferring physical harm by a dramatic display of coffins, guns, spitting, and telephone threats are worlds apart. Is it any wonder they call liberals and progressives "intellectuals?"

  9. Your taxes will not go up unless you make $250,000+/year. Read the bill. That's 2.1% of Americans.

  10. Correct about the taxes!

    If you make more than $250,00 per year raise your hand?
    Anyone, Anyone, Bueller, Bueller.

    The rest of you, Shut the fuck up about the taxes!

    $250,000 is not middle class.


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