Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Messianic Photos of Barry From The NYT.

The numerous photos of Obama with halos must have been getting boring. The NYT found a new way portray Barry as Jesus.
False god.

Hat tip: Jammie Wearing Fool


  1. Is that the best you teabaggers can come up with? Google bush halo and you will see hundreds of similar photos. What a collection of losers.

  2. Looks like somebody broke the "be nice" rule.

    I guess the "tyrant du jour" is the current administration, so we'd better stick to talking about that.

    The P.R. machine for the administration grinds away, cranking out more presidential photo ops than anyone ever conceived would have found air time. One example would be that so far, the Professor in Chief has convened class with the minority party legislators, the governors, the doctors, you name it.

    An idea worth contemplating is this: do photographic images themselves convey ideas? Like, gee...this or that public person is looking out for me? Has my best interest in mind? Is altruistic? (My answer, personally, would be that they do convey ideas.) Since the words have practically no meaning anymore--seriously, up is down, less is more, negative is positive--we are left with visual, not auditory, messages to interpret. Are we being manipulated by the use of imagery? I think this is an important idea to consider.

    It is time for people to stop being afraid of the ideas. They can't hurt anyone (they are not crime, either), and we need to wake up and have these sorts of discussions.

  3. I took Hillbilly's challenge to google Bush Halo, and found basically two variations on the theme.

    Now do the same with Obama, and you find HUNDREDS of variations!

    It looks like the cult of personality for Obongo is well established. And Anerica is the loser as long as this tyrant wannabe is in office.


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