Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Congress: "Isn't $957 Billion Enough?" Obama Bureaucrat:"Who's To Say What's Enough?"

You gotta love that attitude when your tax dollars are at stake.
Who's to say whats enough? Don't ask questions just hand it over.
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  1. We should make car visors for the summer.....those cardboard things you put in your windshield when you part so that the car doesn't get too hot.

    DUMP CLAIRE McCasill in 2012!

    Let's advertise now (even without an opponent) to get rid of that witch!

    We should show our feelings every day when we can....not just at an event.

  2. I was just watching the movie Shenandoah and Jimmy Stewart had a great line...
    "We never asked anything of the state and never expected anything. We do our own livin' and thanks to no man for the right."

    I wish more people would feel this way!


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