Saturday, March 13, 2010

30 Whole People Showed Up To "Coffee Party" In STL!

The Copy Party held a meeting today in St. Louis. 30 people showed up. HAH!!! Our last rally had 2200 people!
They also held a meeting in North Carolina and FIVE people showed up. MEGA FAIL!

Copy Cat! Get it? Click Here For Details.


  1. LOL GREAT picture!! Even greater report on the pathetic copy cats. Whew... FIVE whole people?? Woweee.
    My one liberal friend couldn't wait to scoff at the huffpuff 65,000 count for the 9/12 rally in DC. I won't lower myself to the scoff level at him.... to his face.... But I'll smile at the thot of *FIVE*

  2. I suppose that scan turned out a bit fuzzy, love your blog, I added you to my blogroll at Bruce Pol. Watch

  3. Counting in Base 6.02?

  4. I actually thought about going today. I know they were going to work in groups of 4-5 to come up with a sign all could agree on. I was going to push for "Stop Obama Care!" or something similar. In the end I decided not to waste my time.


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