Sunday, September 27, 2009

Eagle Forum Leads The Charge "To Take Back America"

The Take Back America Conference was a 2 day event at the Frontenac Hilton in St. Louis. There were numerous speeches and forums over the two days. Dana Loesch, Kevin Jackson and Jim Hoft sat on a new media panel on Friday. Speeches were given by Joe "The Plumber", Michelle Bachmann and Governor Mike Huckabee among others.
Before the speeches began for the evening I ran into State Representative Cynthia Davis. She told me an interesting story about her attempting to contact HER Representative.

Joe "The Plumber" was nice enough to talk to me. We kinda bonded over our similar blue collar lifestyle.

After that it was speech time. I will bring you clips soon. Huckabee was REALLY good. He wasn't my guy last election but he really impressed me last night. More to come...

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