Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here's My Appearance On The Dana Show!

Dana and I Discuss My Crashing Of The ObamaCare Presser.


  1. Sounds like a bunch of here-say. Where are your facts? We don't need your bias opinion!

  2. Actually That's What This Site Is MY OPINION. If You Dont Like It Dont Come Here. But You Cant Do That, You Love Me, Im Like Your Crack. You Cant Stop.

    Which Part Exactly Is HearSay? I have it all on audio my camera wasnt rolling but my ipod was.

  3. No, you are more like a monkey. And I am making you dance. Dance, monkey, dance. And yes, these may be your opinions, but quit trying to pass them off as facts.

    And hear-say would be the part that you didn't record but you stated happened with the pfizer guy. Why should we believe you. I don't want people to be misled by people like you. Somebody has got to keep you in check.

    I saw the tape you were referring to on this show and you were very rude and condescending. And then you are gloating about it on this show.
    Who is arrogant?

  4. of course you saw the tape! cuz it was HERE on YOUR favorite website. see you tommorow.

    Your Hero,
    Sharp Elbows

    P.S. When are you gonna get some balls and sign in?

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  6. "And hear-say would be the part that you DIDNT REDCORD but you stated happened with the pfizer guy"
    You Werent Listening I Recorded EVERYTHING. I Didnt release EVERYTHING. So If I Have The Man's Words On Tape, How Is That Hear Say Perry Mason? I Didnt Realize "The Dana Show" Was A Court Of Law.

  7. Gotta love it when they post anonymously...no cajones whatsoever.....


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