Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Most Arrogant President Ever?

After Living Through The Clinton Years Did You Think It Was Possible To Have A More Egotistical Self Loving President? I First Noted This Arrogance After The President's Georgetown Speech When He Referred To Himself 73 Times In A 4 Page Speech.
The Pic Below Is Of The First Dog "BO". As If Naming The Dog With Your Initials B.O. Wasn't Enough They Walk This Mutt Around On An "I Heart Obama" Leash....Puke.We All Like To Shoot Hoops I Know I Do. I Even Have My Own Basketball, Named It George Just For Fun. I Don't Have My Own Personal Logo On It. And I Certainly Don't Have My Own Personal Logo On EVERY Ball In the House. But Barry Does. I Could Understand Putting The Presidential Seal On The Balls, That Would Actually Be Kinda Cool. Nope, He Puts That Lame Ass O Logo On The Balls. ME ME ME!
It's All About Barry! And We Saw It Again This Week With The Obama Family Vacation. Spending What Some People Make In A Year On Renting A Place To Vacation In. Then Asking The Media And Public To Leave Them Alone. "NO PICTURES!! YOU IGNORANT PLEBES"


  1. Omg... please tell me those photos are faked. "Audacity", indeed. The evidence that he's a narcissist keeps piling up.

  2. It would be very UN-American of him if he didn't spend time with his children.

  3. Isn't it Un-American to not support your president? You are NOT starting a revolution. You ARE making complete fools out of yourselves. And it is just a matter of time before the media starts turning it's attention away from YOUR arrogance and ignorance, oh wait, they already have.

  4. Capitalism is the new socialism!

  5. Hey, remember when Bush was on vacation during Katrina or how about when he was on vacation before 9/11 and wasn't there to hear the reports on how an Islamic jihadist was taken lessons to fly a 747? Don't remember? Check out these links.



  6. "And it is just a matter of time before the media starts turning it's attention away from YOUR arrogance and ignorance, oh wait, they already have."
    Do You Think Anyone Gives A Steaming Pile Of Rat $h*t What The Media Does? LOL LOL LOL LOL!! Youre Really Funny....The Media...LOL. Good One!

  7. So what your saying is you don't want the media to cover your untruthful smear campaigns. Then what is your parties intentions for holding this big Quincy rally or you going on the Dana Show, then to get media coverage. Huh?

  8. Yep I'll Say It Again. I DON'T CARE WHAT THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA DOES. I Know It May Be Hard For Those Of You Who Worship At The Altar Of That Washed Up Sports Guy And That Nice Little Boy Rachel Maddow To Understand. But Its True.

  9. Bullhonky. You do realize that things like your little blog here would be defined as mainstream media. Any information being posted or used on the internet could be defined as mainstream media. And those pictures you posted above, where do you think those came from? So apparently you do care what it does or you would have nothing to post because you would have no information.

    Definition of media in communication is tools used to store and deliver information or data.

    Definition of mainstream is something designed to reach a very large audience.

    So by definition anything posted on the internet would be considered mainstream media. And that would mean you don't care what you think.

  10. Figured you wouldn't have a response.

  11. What a pack of Obama-bots! I swear...he could drop his pants and squeeze out a steaming loaf right in front of the cameras, and these people would be cool with it!

    Ok...not bothered by the persistent signs of rampant narcissism? Are you enjoying the shift towards European socialism? How about the constant groveling before historic enemies, and the egregious snubs of historic allies? Are you digging the complete upending of the American middleclass? How about the deliberate destruction of capitalism and the US dollar?

    This self-infatuated poser is destroying any vestige of the essence of America, and if you don't see that you should immediately immigrate to Kenya (or maoist China)


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