Saturday, August 8, 2009

Citizens Stand Up To SEIU Violence.

Hundreds Showed Up To Denounce The Violence That Occurred Thursday Evening At Russ Carnahan's TownHall Event. If You Didn't Know A Gentleman Named Kenneth Gladney Was Injured In An Unprovoked Attack By Several Members Of The SEIU. Video Of That Assault Can Be Seen On The Home Page Of This Website.
People From All Over The Area Came Together At The SEIU HQ Not Only To Denounce The Union's Violence But To Send A Message To President Obama That His Thugs Don't Scare Us. He Told Them To "Punch Back Twice as Hard" And They Did. But It Will Take Alot More Than Union PUNKS To To Keep The Lid On What is Simmering Out Here. I Have Been To So Many Tea Parties, Protests, And TownHalls And There Are So Many People Who Are NOT Going To Stand Down WE Are All Going To The Mat On This So Dig In Yall.

Oh And Don't Forget To Join Us On 8-22-09! Carnahan Office Crystal City. More Details To Come.
Reboot Congress Will Have The Video I Shot From This Event. I'll Be Taking My Lib Poker Pal's Money This Evening. No Time To Upload It.The NAACP And The ACLU Were Not There To Defend The Minority Victim Of This Assault. I Wonder Why.

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