Saturday, January 8, 2011

Creepy Daily Kos Hit Piece on Giffords: "My Congresswoman Voted Against Pelosi, Now She's Dead To Me"

This was post on the Kos 48 hours ago. The Daily Kos has since removed this from their site.
HillBuzz has more details.


  1. BoyBlue was a Giffords SUPPORTER who stridently disagreed with her.

    He was attached by right-wingers during the election and his Giffords bumper stickers were torn off his car.

    Unlike Sarah Palin, he has now already apologized profusely for his hysterical tone. You can see his apology on DKos now.

  2. Dkos did not remove the post, BoyBlue removed it himself - he is ashamed of it.

  3. Please be more specific about how BoyBlue was "attached" by right-wingers. Do you mean attacked? If so, how? Do you have proof or just his word? If you only have his word, and we know that he is a coward who won't stand behind what he says based on his recent actions to scrub what he said, then he is a liar and you are an apologist for a liar.

    Why wouldn't he leave the post up and apologize at the top of the page, hmmmmm?

  4. probably same reason sarah palin wont.


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