Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jane Fonda Says Sarah Palin "Holds Responsiblity" For Giffords Shooting.

Oh yeah, the Tea Party too. (click Image to enlarge)

Hat Tip to the Queen.


  1. That's funny coming from Hanoi Jane.
    Sarah Palin targeted her district as a district that needed to vote Tea Party, not her in person, yet how many soldiers and marines died in Vietnam because she actively supported the communist North Vietnamese emboldening our enemy and demoralizing our fighters .......
    I still believe Hanoi Jane should be shot as a traitor.

  2. I think it was the daily KOS that published the so called target list.

  3. Are you kidding? She has some NERVE opening her mouth about anyone. I'm surprised she even shows her botox face in public. Maybe she's taken enough drugs over her lifetime to forget the day(s) when she was in Hanoi shooting off her political rants and putting our POW's in danger. What a despicable bitch she is. And now she's hawking another exercise video - she doesn't have anything nice to say about America but sure has NO PROBLEM making her profits from OUR free market system. She should go back into her HOLE and shut the F up. I thought she'd "found Jesus".. REALLY???

  4. I was just waiting for someone to blame the Tea Party. What took Jane so long?

  5. Who really cares what Hanoi Jane has to say? When Jane Fonda was married to Ted Turner, it was she who wished something catastrophic would happen to the USA, like a nuclear attack so Ted and she could go to their ranch in Argentina. Otherwise, Ted would not go because of his work. This is her mentality, she has an evil heart.

    Naturally, when something like this shooting occurs the Tea-Party is going to be the first to be blamed by the Statists and the so called Main-Stream Media. The Statists are also blaming Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. When a disgruntled person flew his plane into the IRS building the Tea-Party was the first to be blamed. When Russ Carnahan’s office was firebombed the Statists and the Main-Stream Media were so hoping it was a Tea-Party member. I prefer to wait till the facts of the case come out to lay blame.

    Nevertheless, there is angst in this country, a mistrust of government brought on by Barack Hussein Obama, the Statists and their policies of control and the loss of freedom on the people. The Statists pit one group of Americans against another, using class envy and race-baiting. Remember, the Tea-Party came about because of an overreaching Government.

  6. I was really too young to remmember when jane went to vietnam, but fortunately my parents did not, and educated me when i was young, about jane betraying her country, soldiers. If was up to me I would not have let her back in the country, or anyone else who chooses to do betray there country. betray the country= loss of citizenship.


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