Wednesday, March 24, 2010

VIDEO: Coffin On Congressman Carnahan's "Lawn" Not a Threat.

The St Louis TEA Party held a vigil and symbolic funeral for the victims of Obamacare. The candle light prayer service was held at Russ Carnahan's office and the funeral procession made it's way to Russ's House where the coffin was placed on the sidewalk in front of his home. Symbolically laying responsibility for the lives that will be adversely effected at Russy boy's feet.


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  2. Whose lives will be adversely affected?

  3. You have a donkey with a gun pointed to his head and you put a coffin near the home of a member of government elected to office by the people of his district.

    How exactly is that not a threat...

    People talk about the constitution and then disregard the very foundation of it as soon as they don't agree with the majority. That in and of itself is a threat to this nation and every citizen of it.

  4. "then disregard the very foundation of it as sson as they don't agree with the majority."

    Nonsense. But who needs facts, when you can make wild accusations and never get questioned about them?

    That liberals can feign fear of things like a prayer vigil and a political cartoon is bad enough. But the way some buy every. single. claim. of conservative aggression without actual evidence is breathtaking.

    Hypocrites! I have a nonexhaustive list of their own antics in my latest post. Two wrongs don't make a right, and all that. My point is that all the "I'm shocked" posturing like above is, well, hypocritical posturing.


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