Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rubberstamp Russ Gets His Own Billboards.

These Billboards are up all over Missouri's 3rd District. Hwy 55 is adorned with at least four of these goofy but accurate signs.
Carnahan Votes the way Nancy Pelosi tells him to 99% of the time. He is such the Pelosi lapdog that The Wicked Witch Of The West herself referred to him as "Low Maintenance". I guess that how one earns the nick name Rubber Stamp Russ.

More Coverage Of Russ Being Booted and Torched Here.


  1. Well when John Wayne Tucker beats Carnahan in Nov, we won't have to worry about our congressman in Washington voting for garbage like this anymore.
    The Independent Conservative Republican

  2. Go Ed Martin!!!!!

  3. it's fun to fire at a huge target like the clairebear, but let's not lose sight of '10 elections . . . . we must throw robbin' us, and brother russ UNDER THE BUS! save the clairbear for '12!

  4. Please let me know who is sponsoring these. The lettering on it is too small to read going down the highway.

    Sorry Zachary Bauer John Wayne Tucker has raised about enough money to put a few ads in papers and that's about. Not trying to be rude but the reality is it takes money to run a political campaign and $1905.00 isn't going to get it.

  5. When I said "The lettering on it is too small to read going down the highway" I only meant that the sponsors name was too small to read.

  6. American Council on Affordable Reliable Energy

  7. Man... I need to get out more and travel down Hwy 55... I need to see these signs up close & personal. Kudos to the Sponsor of these!


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